Top 5 Biscuits Dunks For Gamers




1. Racing

Standard hobnobs. Quick dunk before the start of the next lap ensures you’ll spend the remainder of the lap tonguing the oats from your teeth.

2. FPS

Bourbon’s fast paced game play requires fast paced dunking. Dunk, eat, gone PEW PEW PEW.


3. Narrative Story Telling

Chocolate digestives. Having nibbles with a film works so these co inside perfectly with a good story based game.



4. Indie Games

For these it has to be a ginger nut because lets face it, like most Indie games you sit there asking yourself why!


And finally

5. Garibaldi

For your zombie / survival horrors. Those fruity segments and gritty bits match the game play perfectly.


Make your gaming day a dunking day!

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