Top Ten Creatures of Planet Earth – Scary Edition


Possibly the stuff of nightmares, but each of them are very real and live on this planet with us.  Ready for some night terror fuel?

Giant Isopod

Size Average length 19-36cm up to 76cm Location Atlantic & Pacific Oceans Habitat Deep ocean around 170m below the surface Food Slow fish, sea cucumbers, sponges and dead creatures on the bottom of the ocean floor

Angler Fish


Size 15 – 35cm Location Worldwide Habitat Deep ocean and continental shelves Food Shrimp, but can eat anything

Japanese Spider Crab

Size Up to 3.8m Location Japan Habitat South eastern coast of Japan Food Molluscs and plant life

Pacu Fish


Size 0.9m Location South America Habitat Freshwater Food Seeds and nuts

Frilled Shark

Size 2m Location Atlantic & Pacific Oceans Habitat 50-200m Food Cephalopods, spiny fish and small sharks

Goblin Shark


Size 3 – 4m Location Warm waters Habitat 40m -1300m Food Teleost fish, cephalopods and crustaceans

Cyclops Shark


Size 56cm Location Mexico Habitat ??? Food ???

Indian Gharial

Size Up to 6.25m Location India Habitat Rivers Food Fish and crustaceans

Viper Fish

Size 30-60cm Location Deep, deep ocean Habitat  1000-4000m Food Anything


Size 13-100cm Location Worldwide Habitat Coastal and freshwater Food Fish

Spiny Orb Weaver Spider



Size 30mm Location Hot Climates Habitat Woodland, shrubs and gardens Food Insects

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