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There is no better time to pick up a terrifying tome, than this week.  So, to get you in the mood for Halloween, we have partnered with Kobo to bring you their Top Ten Horror Books and tell you about the fabulous Kobo Glo HD on which you can read them.

Kobo have painstakingly trawlled through the hundred of incredible books in the horror genre, to find their ultimate top ten.  Now, they worked really hard on this, but ultimately they couldn’t decide on an order for the books, they are all just too bloody good, (pun completely intended).  


The Walking Dead


The Dark Zombie

Planet of the Living Dead

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cemetery Girl


Carrie’s Revenge



What a selection of books, I have read a couple on the list, but are already downloading the rest to my library so that I can find out what all the fuss is about!  I can say that the entire Buffy The Vampire Slayer series of books and graphic novels, are brilliant, if you liked the show you cant miss out on reading the books!  Of course I would also agree with putting The Walking Dead on the list, both again as graphic novels and books.  

KoboGloHD_1_UKThe Kobo Glo HD is a brand new eReader that has a fantastic high definition, high resolution screen at 300ppi that has the exact look and sensation of reading the page of an actual book, the text is perfectly clear, it is called print-on-paper experience.  It is a wonderful size with a 6″ screen and is extremely light weight, making it comfortable to use with just one hand. You can even make your experience even more comfortable with the adjustable ComfortLight using just the flick of a finger on the left hand side of the screen.

KoboGloHD_2_UKThe Kobo Glo HD has an incredible capacity to hold up to 3000 ebooks on its 4gb internal memory, that is bigger than some libraries and will keep your peepers happy for many hours.  Charging the device is super easy, just plug in a micro USB in to the unit, (one comes with it) and the other end into the computer, the full charge can last up to 2 months! 

The is no difficulty using the Kobo at all, downloading is a breeze direct from the device over a WiFi connection – it takes seconds to set up and download.  There are over 4.7 million ebooks to choose from and thousands of magazines, all available in over 190 countries! 

Being someone who is firmly in the camp of ‘I love real books,’ I have been convinced, using the Kobo Glo HD for just a week, to go digital for all of the reasons above.  I still do adore my books in the flesh so to speak, but being able to read with the lights off, in bed, with a dodgy arm that can’t hold a book, but can manage the Kobo.  I am currently reading The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver and have a number of others lined up ready for me once I am done! 

Kobo Glo HD retails for £109.99.



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