Top Tips For Tired Muscles


In today’s busy, hectic world where people seem to be endlessly on the go and that can have an adverse effect on the muscles, which can easily become tired and achy.  Here at Erisea, we thought it would be nice to put together some of our top tips for easing those muscles and making you feel altogether better.

Radox Muscle Therapy

Radox Muscle Therapy

A Long Soak

Nothing soothes tired and aching muscles more than a long, hot soak in the bath.  Make a real effort for this bath, so you can absorb all the relaxing vibes possible.  We recommend using some beautiful scented candles, soft music and of course something sumptuous in the bath itself that will bubble up.

Radox Muscle Therapy is a great potion to pop in your bath. With ginseng and black pepper, this soak is not only fragrant but will leave your muscles feeling revived.  It is currently only £1.00 at Asda, an absolute bargain.

A Massage

If you have a loving significant other you could wrangle them into giving you a beautiful and relaxing massage.  Of course they wont all be willing and sometimes it is just better to go to a professional.  Why not pop along to your local spa and get yourself a massage that focuses on tired, achy muscles?

Therapists at spas have access to an array of amazing oils and lotions that are specifically engineered for every type of massage that they give.  This means that they are equipped to deal with a any number of issues, taking into account any health problems that you might have.

A little bit of luxury can go a long way!


Going to a spa is not always going to be an option of course, but fear not there are a huge selection of amazing products available that you can use in the comfort of your own home.  From lotions, oils, rubs and gels, there are many from which to pick and they will all do something different to help your tired legs feel better.

One such Muscle Gel is De-Stress by Aromatherapy Associates.  Packed with Rosemary, black pepper, lavender and ginger, it will help to de-tress your muscles and make them feel wonderful.  It smells amazing as well!

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