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Choosing what is right for your face in terms of skin care can be a minefield at times, it seems there is so much to take in to consideration and of course affordability is key.  Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a look at Nu Skin, a brand that caters for all pockets and that are good for you inside and out!

Our first look at Nu Skin is focused on the higher end of the scale of affordability…

ageLOC Transformation

The most advanced anti ageing system that has been created by Nu Skin to date.  Presented in a stylish, yet simplistic whit gift box, ageLOC Transformation contains four incredible products that focus on leaving you with a clean, purified, renewed, moisturised and younger looking complexion.

Contained in the gift box is:

  • Gentle Cleanse & Tone 60ml
  • Future Serum 30ml
  •  Radiant Day SPF 22 25ml
  • Transforming Night 30ml

The way in which this daily skin care system works is to target the sources that cause ageing using technology that targets arSuperMarkers, and is clinically proven to do this in no less than eight ways, leaving you youthful and glowing.

  1. ageLOC will help to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.  This is done using a pwerful combination of pea extract, bamboo extract and glucosamine.  Together these ingredients increase the production of cells, which will then give a more youthful appearance.
  2. The stimulation of something found in the skin naturally, called hyaluronic acid, will increase the overall hydration of the skin, thereby leaving it more moisturised.
  3. ageLOC has a patent pending ingredient called Equol and this will reduce the of activity MMP3 (Matrix Metallopeptidase) which work to destroy the very structure of the skin.  The technology contained within ageLOC creates more collagen activity which will combat this and therefore promote a more youthful structure to the skin.
  4. Another way that the system helps the skin, is to brighten it.
  5. In turn the same ingredients will target melanin production, which is what causes the discolouration of the skin.  This means that the skin is left with a reduction in areas of discolouration.
  6. Pores will become visibly reduced.
  7. Cell renewal is something also promoted by the ingredients contained within this set, this will give a softer, smoother texture to the skin.
  8. Along with smoothing the skin, the tone of will also be evened out, reducing redness and dullness.

The best results can be achieved by using this Nu Skin ageLOC Transformation system twice a day, morning and night, using both the Cleanse & Tone along with the Future Serum on both occasions.  The only difference is at night you replace the Radiant Day with the Transforming Night.

The ageLOC Transformation skincare gift set is available from Nu Skin’s online store for £323.98.  Next week we will look at another of Nu Skin’s ranges for the face that is in a more affordable price bracket if this is a little out of your reach.

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  1. Great article – if anyone wants to purchase ageLOC keep in mind that Nu Skin is a direct sales company so if you know an independant distributor you can be registered as a “preferred customer” and receive a 30% discount.

    Don’t pay £323.98!

    Contact me and I can help.

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