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Sometimes it is really easy to get bogged down with a ton of cosmetics and skincare products when travelling away.  Which ones should are needed?  Which can be left behind??  What about accessories?  A mirror?  There is so much to consider and of course plan, even if it is just an overnight stop in a plush hotel, you still want to look your best.

So what is the answer?

Well, one option is to get a miniature suitcase just for make up and skincare items, mirrors, hair accessories, hair brushes, make up bushes and the plethora of other items we seem to feel are essential for looking our best.  This however could be a killer when it comes to checking in a suitcase, or even lifting them up in the beginning, just think if they search that one little case and found it full of beauty products.  Naming no names and from personal experience, although with shoes rather than beauty products, having a suitcase opened to find it full of something such as shoes at customs, returning home from a foreign country, say Thailand, in front of everyone is slightly embarrassing especially when the customs officials start laughing, (#truestory).

Fear not though, there are plenty of other solutions out there, like not over packing and being a little ore sensible.  However, some of the travellers out there, or even those who as we mentioned earlier might be going for a night or two, may want a quick option that they can pick up and get going with.

Enter the Ginvera Green Tea Travel Kit by Janiro for £12.90.

Each kit contains one of to options and provides you with almost everything you need to go jet setting, beauty wise, or at least it is a great start.


Option 1
2 x 10g Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel
1 x 8g Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30
1x Stretch hair band*
1x Ginvera Compact mirror (with magnifying side)
1 x Beautiful travel makeup bag
Option 2
1 x 10g Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel
2 x 8g Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30
1x Stretch hair band*
1x Ginvera Compact mirror (with magnifying side)
1 x Beautiful travel makeup bag

*may be white or black depending on availability

The branded mirror is lovely and just the right size for travelling, of course it is always easier to prepare one’s face with a nice stretchy head band to keep the hair out of your eyes and therefore that makes these two items great additions to the travel kit.

The products, as you would expect from Janiro, are brilliant!

IMG_0850gimpver2c_largeGinvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

Just the ticket for removing sunscreen and unclogging the pores from all that sun, sea and sand, or even pollution, the Exfoliating Marvel Gel is Ginvera’s hero product and will provide the perfect base for make up or your BB cream!

GT_BBC_1500x1500_largeGinvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

This beautiful BB Cream, which is suitable for all skin tones, will give your skin a balanced, even appearance.  It leaves the skin moisturised and nourished, looking flawless all day.  Perfect for those who want to travel light and not need to take a menagerie of foundations, creams, lotions and potions!  Plus it have SPF30!

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