Travel Riddles Series of PC Games Review (Trip to France/ Trip to Greece/ Trip to India/ Trip to Italy)


A series of PC match 3 games. Intrigued? Read on…..



4 Games, 4 similar experiences. Each takes the player on a journey through the country and tries to teach some of the aspects of the country in question. 

Collect more than 80 artefacts on the awesome match-3 levels while travelling to the most beautiful sights. Each new level is more difficult than the last, so prepare for an exciting time!” – Italy Steam Description.

Get thrown into the country and adapt to the different objectives of a tricky match 3 game. It develops a good but basic rhythm to the way the player can progress through the game. 



Basic but beautiful.  It plays similar to other match 3 games (e.g. Bejewelled, Candy Crush), if familiar this game is easy to follow. We found it easy to break into each of the four games. 

It is a beautiful collection of games too. Each game is attuned to the country so you have French Croissants, Greek Coin, Indian Flowers and a Roman Helmet, to name a few.

Objectives are simple but also attuned to the game with you targeted to help the country find items.

Once you complete each match 3 level you move on. After 3 hours in one of the games, we still did not reach the end.


It felt like a mobile game made into a PC Game. This is mainly suited to a casual game audience and is not as difficult as it could be. We did play each game but found each game to repeat basic game design elements from each other (that’s why we grouped them together).

Is it a good game? Yes. If you like the match 3 premise, we would pick up 1 of the collection at least.


Trip to France –

Trip to Greece –

Trip to India –

Trip to Italy –

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