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Troyka are an experimental British trio who make rich and enthralling instrumental music.  Featuring Kit Downes on hammond/synths, Chris Montague on guitar/loops and Josh Blackmore on drums, Troyka is far more than the sum of its parts and is definitely not your usual Hammond organ trio.

We got the chance to listen to their latest album released early February. Ornithophobia is the London three-piece’s third studio album and marks the fruition of five years’ worth of musical experimentation.

They say their influences are from the likes of Tim Berne, Aphex Twin, Deerhoof, Albert King and Flying Lotus. .

“Unpredictable, yet catchy, melodies woven into complex time signatures may be a trade mark of the trio at full swing, but it is the flavours of textural beds, polyrhythmic post-dance, haunting trip-hop and atmospheric post-rock that make this record a sensation of the heart as well as the mind.”


Background Info

Having self-produced all of their records to date, they have taken a different path from previous albums. Now they have included Swedish producer Eldh who mixed the album at his home in Berlin.

The mix of the electronic and experimental music scene of the German capital positively seeps into Troyka’s creations as a result.

This mix is potent within Life Was Transient and Troyka Smash, in which “Eldh takes acoustic recordings of the band and resamples the performances into entirely different compositions, whilst losing none of the essential Troyka sound.”


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Ornithophobia – Our Album Thoughts

This 8 track album is instrumental only throughout. It makes a change from the normal samples we get. In a good way, the tones and the depth of the album was great to listen to.

The low tones of “Bamburgh” to the higher ranges of variety in “Life is Transient” it shows off a different style to the norm. If this is the influence of a new producer in Eldh – we are on the lookout for more of his stuff. Its always good to have music to suits our eclectic tastes.

The album is likely best to be used a background music to a party and will keep party goers happy and still be able to talk to each other too. Or it could be that background music while you are reading a suitable book. Good range of uses for this experimental album.



Latest Tour

Ornithophobia Tour 2015


Feb 8    EDINBURGH Voodoo Rooms

Feb 9    LEEDS Leeds College of Music

Feb 10  BARNSTABLE North Devon Theatres

Feb 11  MILTON KEYNES The Stables

Feb 12  LONDON Rich Mix (Launch Party)

Feb 13  CARDIFF Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Feb 20 MANCHESTER Royal Northern College of Music

Feb 25              BIRMINGHAM MAC

Feb 27  LIVERPOOL Capstone Theatre

Feb 28  MORECAMBE Morecambe Hothouse

Mar 12 SHEFFIELD Sheffield Student’s Union

Mar 26 BELFAST Moving on Music

Apr 2    OXFORD Spin Jazz

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