Trump Reign Begins….

We tend not to focus on the negatives on the site, but this is the first in a short series of positive thoughts on events that have unfolded recently. They are the viewpoint of the writer and not the website.  The Website will remain positive, if you think the writer is wrong – send in a counter point – and we will look to write up a new article.

Disclaimer out the way – Lets begin….


Trump Reign Begins….

Life takes its turns and with the event of Brexit and Trump getting the presidential nod, the world seems overall negative.

For those of you that voted for change, you had the right and you won. More people voted your way and for the next few years, the ball is proverbially in your court.  With the events that have happened now and in the future, please remember all people have a voice. 

The political climate is so on a knife edge at the start of this year. It is going to be interesting what happened.

For those of you who did not vote for change, please remember that the votes have been cast.  The environment is currently not in your favour so do something to change it – Like you may have seen with the Shia LeBeouf’s political art project.

Stand up for what you believe in but think positive to the changes that are happening -Where you can of course.

Life may suck for the next few years / or might be great,  we all go down the road together. Maybe just Maybe, the events of the Robin Williams film “Man of the Year” may occur – depending of the hacking by Russia, how deep it was.

Chin Up….  Make a Positive Change, Do a Positive Action.

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