Have you ever wanted to be an oil tycoon and revel in the millions of pounds you could make?  Well it is your lucky day as Dutch games developer Gamious have announced a brand new game called Turmoil and yes, you’ve guessed it, you can fulfil that dream, virtually of course, of being a big oil baron…if you can hack it that is!

Turmoilscreen5In the 19th Century, North America saw the great oil rush, where everyone and his aunt sped to the land and tried to make their fortune digging for liquid gold.  Now you can be part of that page in history as Turmoil is released!

The aim of this enchanting point and click strategy game, is as you might expect, to make you fortune digging for oil and out performing your closest rivals.  You have to work your way through the mining seasons, moving from one parcel of land to the next, until all are mined, then and only then will you know if you have managed to be the hero that your town needs and indeed deserves, the oil King or Queen!

Turmoilscreen3The town has very humble beginnings, starting with a town hall, so that you can big on land and see your progress, as well as a bank that can offer financial aid in drier seasons.  All that is left as you start the game is to hitch your wagon to your horse, (well, okay that bit is already done) and head on out to get that there oil.

The tutorial is very straight forward and gives you all the tools you need to conquer the game, except your tycoon smarts, those you’ll need to bring yourself.  As you set your dowsers off to search for oil, build your rigs and collect your oil, you see the money begin to accumulate.  Take care to sell at the best prices and avoid spillages!

Turmoilscreen1As the game progresses, so does the charming little town and you get to meet more and more residents, all of which seem to want to give you a helping hand, at a cost of course.  Whether it is improvements to your digging equipment, or better get up for your dowsers, as your town grows with oil prosperity, so does your oil empire leading you to dig better, faster and in bigger amounts. 

Do you have what it takes to out perform your rivals and become Turmoil’s leading oil baron?  Find out now on Steam! (£6.99 RRP).  We loved Turmoil with all of its character and simple, yet challenging time management game play that will have you coming back over and over again.  

5 out of 5

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