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This Week

Gotham S01E03 – The first vigilante pops up – literally “Baloon-man”.

The Originals S02E03  – A Original Dinner to remember -but where is Kol?

Saving Hope S02E13 – A Double Date for Alex and Joel leads to a hand trapped in a Condom Machine.


Gotham – Mondays on Five

The well known vigilante “Balloon-Man” has stole 4 weather balloons and starts handcuffing corrupt people to them. Then letting them float away and dying in the air.

Jim after the first balloon is on the case, but then after the second balloon a cop gets taken (corrupt cop). Then Bullock and the rest of the police department are on the case.  It shows the level of corruption in the department.  If one corrupt cop gets taken then who next.

Selina Kyle has  a brief cameo with Jim integrating her and working out the facts.  Selina tells the truth but she escapes Jim’s custody.  Back on the streets for Selina.

Balloon – man is taking care of the corruption in Gotham.  Should they go after him?  – “Everyone has to matter or no-one matters.”

Gotham EP3

Balloon man gets  caught and put in the cuffs with the final balloon. Bullock lets it go but Gordon jumps on to it. Bullock nearly lets it float away but does shoot it down.

Three stories intermingled with the main “Ballon-man story”:

Cobblepot‘s journey to the top now starts. He sees an opportunity to start as a pot washer in a mafia run place. Run by the second mafia and he makes a connection to the main man with his mother.

Bruce is not eating and he is reading Police files – vigilante in the works.  Alfred the character seems awkward but the fact he is his own character interpretation is good.

Fish Mooney after her lover got beat up she gets Falcone’s lover beat up. Then she takes out her lover as “He drags the mood down”.

The finale of the episode with Jim Gordon grabbing the bad guy who got hooked on the weather balloon – not great with a convenient landing on a car.  The morale dilemma of the show is it’s main point – good guys or bad guys – who are the criminals?


The Originals – Tuesdays on Syfy

Cassie aka Esther is still plotting to find out the plan Klaus and Elijah have.  They send an invitation to them to come to dinner.


At the dinner, they finally meet Finn. They also get a reveal of Kol being back.  Klaus tries to attack Finn but Finn (now a witch) manages to defend himself.  Cassie reveals herself as Esther later to the family. They then talk about family history.

The audience get to hear more of the back story as to why the mother protects Klaus more. The necklace that protects his family from his werewolf side. Hiding that side from his father who (in the flashbacks) does not know the kid is not his.

Earlier on in the episode,  Elijah and Gia try to get another witch to put a mark on the hand if Esther changes body.  The Witch Lenore get caught by Finn then later gets released by Hayley.  Then it happens.


Klaus brings up the necklace story in the final dinner party.  Klaus blames his mother for being the author in his corruption to being the monster he is.  After the story – Cassie faints as Esther changes bodies to Lenore, who is just finishing the hand mark ritual.  Hayley is present at the time.

The jumping bodies element of the show makes  it confusion at times  but the show has an interesting dynamic to where the show will go next.  Which direction will the show take – battles will happen but what first?

The one mystery factor is Kol, Elijah and Klaus don’t know which body he is in – but they do know he is back. Also Kol hides the Michael factor from Esther. So that will be the key thing to watch out for.

Saving Hope – Wednesdays on Watch

A bit of a filler episode this week. Joel and Sonya are back together and take Alex on a double date with a randy individual.   The randy man ends up thinking he has scored and gets his hand trapped in a condom machine.

Alex and Joel scramble to save the hand and by the end of the episode do.

Charlie meanwhile, sees Alex trying to move on with the date but neither forget each other.  They atthe end have a heart to heart. Alex says she can’t forget Charlie and what ever he is working through she is there.

Saving Hope 2

Next Week

Gotham – What’s next? – since Cobblepot has turned up at Gordon’s apartment.

Saving Hope – Hopefully it will pick up – Will Alex and Charlie get back together?

The Originals – What effect will Gia have on Elijah?

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