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This Week

Gotham S01 E05 – The Drug Viper runs rampant – Bruce detects and  Penguin plots.

The Originals S02 E05 – Elijah Dreams as Klaus Plots.

Saving Hope S02 E015 – Alex and the Bear Elevators and Joel with a Meditating Hunch Monk.


Drugs run rampant in Gotham this week. People take the drug and they get the strength from their bones. Sapping the bones and killing the person – but caused some fun flourishes.  Gordon and Bullock continue to show good teamwork and build up to a great conclusion with the drug dealer.

Fish is spread throughout the episode with her putting her plan in process going.  Eliza is getting coached and struggles with it – but later on she catches on.


Marone is on the rise – He wants to keep attacking to get Falcone on the back foot.  Penguin is the secret weapon of the Marone mafia. Penguin reveals his role in Falcone’s mafia and they bring in Gordon to tell the truth. Both could die? – Gordon tells the truth and Marone accepts Penguin into the Marone mafia.

Gordon is still reluctant to talk to Penguin but Penguin sees the heart of Falcone. Frankie the second in charge is upset that Penguin has took Falcone’s eye.  Penguin offers a bit of info to get money from Falcone – it works.

Fish meanwhile, is revealed to have a partner in crime Nikolai.  They are having a relationship and also have a plan to overthrow Falcone.


Bruce gets some time this week, with his time been spent building the spider web of evil. His detective work is improving – he is after understanding what is happening.   He goes to a meeting in this episode – but the enemy of the week poisons the meeting.  The mid level manager says to Bruce that the board does not come to these charity meetings.

The drug Viper is going to be refined into Venom – aka Bane is likely to be coming to Gotham at some point. Hint. Hint.

Eliza (the bait) – is unleashed upon Falcone and gets Falcone’s attention with the song.

A good episode that has set a lot of things going and the season is going great.

The Originals

Elijah is still in his mother’s control with him been shown the truth of what happened to his past love (the original doppelganger).

Elijah is tied up in the graveyard building.  Elijah is shown a truth (it could be fake), where he killed Tatiana.  “The Red Door” is introduced, where Elijah hides the truth.

In the dream, Elijah just get turned and goes after Tatiana. Takes her and promises to not drink her blood but he does eventually. His mother blocks that memory for him – until now.  She mentions Celeste and says he may of killed her too.

Finn’s role is sub-servant to Esther but Finn thinks that the plan is wacky.  His character development in Originals is allot better than his role in the Vampire Diaries.



At the end. Esther let Elijah dream at the end – dreaming of his escape and his love of Hayley.

Hayley still has Hope – Esther is still unaware – but what next?

Saving Hope

Alex is still not 100% and gets stuck in an hospital elevator. She has a panic  attack and 30 seconds pass and the elevator starts up again.

Alex is called to the ER for 2 people coming in from a bear attack.  2 Patients who get treated side by side, a young woman who is in need of surgery and a older man with arm wounds – he is protective of her.

Meanwhile, Joel deals with a patient with a badly deformed back. He looks like the “Hunchback of Notre dame” and is in to straighten his back.   He tosses and turns over the surgery but gets it eventually on the condition that Joel owes him a favor.

Alex is in surgery and the woman has to go into the ICU due to issues. While in the ICU, the male patient continues to be overly protective of her.  Alex and now Charlie are on the case. The Woman is in a medical coma due to the complications so she is in ghost form and still afraid of the male patient.

Charlie and Alex both recognize the signs of abuse and kidnapping – but they need to find proof.

Joel’s patient comes out of surgery and suffers internal organ pressures from the newly positioned back and wants no pain medication.  He suffers for a while but manages to get through it with meditation. Joel has to now for the favor try meditation.

Charlie manages to get a real name off the ghost and finds the proof to get the male patient sent to jail for kidnapping. Alex and Charlie have a brief moment together.  The kidnapping was when the woman as a teen was hiking and broke her leg – she then got taken and she got conditioned – they managed to break it though.

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