TV Review Combine – Originals, Saving Hope and Gotham


This Week:

Gotham – A duo of  kidnappers gather up street kids in Gotham. Selina Kyle manages to escape first time round, but gets captured by a few police hiccups. Can Gordon get to her?

Originals – Cassie sends her spy Cole to find out what Davina is hiding. Hayley is still trying to find her place in the world. Klaus and Elijah find out something big.

Saving Hope – Dana has breast cancer and Alex is the doctor – she gets fired from the surgery? so what next?


Gotham gets rocked by a duo of kidnappers grabbing street kids with no homes and no one will notice them missing. After a bad grab where they threw one through the window and one escaped – they get found out.

Gordon is the one who puts the murder victim and the one through the window together.  Bullock  and the crime scene cop (who turned up late) dismiss the case quickly but Gordon’s intuition is right.  After the truth is then leaked to the press – the Major steps in.


Falcone and Fish meet. He kills her lover and sets the tone for their working relationship. Fish clears the room when Falcone leaves.  Meanwhile Major’s plan for the street kids goes badly wrong, He rounds them up:

  • Good kids to foster homes
  • Bad kids to juvenile centers.

One of the bad kid buses get taken by the kidnappers. Selina manages to escape when they load up the bus to a factory container.  Then Gordon and Bullock manage to catch up in time.


Cobblepot’s mother

Major Crimes visit Cobblepot’s mother – they think the police have killed him. They don’t know he is still alive.

Meanwhile, Cobblepot (Penguin), recovering from the dunking and Gordon saving his life makes movements. Penguin kills to get a ride after they call him “Penguin”.  He gets accommodation and the other person who didn’t die when he got a ride, gets ransomed back to his parents. They decide not to pay – so that’s bad news for the “little scamp”.


A thing from the past, the story of Cole in 1702. Cole is very much his own man and vows to make Klaus suffer the next time he is alive. Cut to current incarnation of Cole – love interest to Davina.

Hayley and Klaus visited the Cauldron and killed witches – Elijah is not happy with the current hybrid mood of Hayley. They both come to wits with Hayley. Elijah plans to take her to the Bayou to connect with the roots.

Marcel is still building his vampire army. Bargins with Marcel’s friend Davina life.  Cut to Davina and Michael plotting.


The Moonlight ring army is in progress of been built for the Mother.

Klaus and Hayley are in the Bayou searching for her pack.  They talk about their feelings and realise they each seek similar goals. Hayley also begins to learn her hybrid ways.

Elijah learns that Davina has the stake – and with Mother’s spies also finding a spell on the door of the attic. So Davina will have the cross hairs on her.


They find the pack. Klaus leaves upon hearing of Cassie and the Moonlight rings. Hayley has to get the pack behind her.

Mother’s army vs Klaus.  Stopped by Mother to talk to Klaus. She talks of vampires been the bad guys of the earth – she will end it all.  Later on, he works out that Cassie is his mother incarnation.

Her plans come to fruition with Davina out on a date with one of the spies.  The date goes bad with a wolf army against her she calls Michael to help her. In the fight Davina loses her control over Michael. Gains in back with help from Marcel and Elijah – Cole saw everything.

Klaus and Elijah regroup. Both tell each other of what is happening.

“Which of our parents will we kill first?”

Hayley brings in some of her pack.  Oliver is her spy in Cassie’s ranks.  Elijah leaves like he did to help Marcel grow up.

Cassie regroups. Cassie planned the attack. Cole wants out but Cassie needs him – Cue a bit of torture.  Cole does not tell mother the truth of the attack.

Marcel talks to Elijah about siding with him. Marcel kills the female violinist – asks Elijah to mentor her.


Saving Hope

Alex is doing a ordinary breast surgery to remove  cancer assisted by Maggie. Alex and Dana begins talking about new cases of cancer. Alex looks at a level 7 patient file and is critical with it – Not realising it is Dana’s file.

Joel meanwhile goes to visit a “star” patient.  A 40 year old woman who had a new type of hip replacement. She presents with strange neuro-symptoms.  She goes to hospital on Joel’s advice.

Saving Hope 2

Dana struggles to contain her emotions and takes a day to work out her feelings – Alex get fired from the surgery but does not leave her.  She get drunk, gets pot, goes skinny dipping – all while Alex stayed with her.

She finds her head after a day of release and she goes to surgery.

The surgery went well – No signs of further cancer.

The episode ends with all the female surgeons and a patient on a bed watching a love film.

Next Week:

The Originals (Tuesdays on Syfy)- Cole knows of Davina’s weapon Michael but has not told Cassie (The mother). Elijah has a protege in a violinist and battlelines are starting to get drawn.

Gotham (Mondays on Five) – With Cobblepot plotting, Fish plotting and Selina’s information reveal alot is happening in Gotham.

 Saving Hope (Wednesdays on Watch) – Alex goes on a double date – why does it end up back in the Hospital?

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