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This Week

Resurrection S01E08 – The Finale to a great first season.

Saving Hope S02E10 –  This episode is all about Alex’s emotions when things hit her all at once.


With 250 returned, the town goes to crisis mode. Most of the returned are going to the church for refuge with some also causing incidents around the town. Things get bad with 250 more returned. so Agent Bellamy called his boss to get some aid into the town.  His boss helps and sends some aid.


Bellamy calling for Aid


The army arrive, the tension as the army arrive was great with them not knowing why they are there.  The army general then says they are here to help.

Fred earlier on, was in a helpful mode with the returned.  He helped as much as he can but the “Dead Wife Returned” scenario happened. He finally got a chance to talk to Barbara again, he initially thinks she is just returned to him. Then she says they are finished, she was not happy in the marriage.  She only sees Fred as the “Dark” Fred that was in the past.

Fred accepts this in front of her but hides his true emotions. He then starts turning to the dark side.  He talks to the Army General and says to him – Agent Bellamy is lying to you. He shows him Rachel (number 3) and then takes him to the dead body of Rachel (number 2).  He says they are not human, the aid should be focused on the living not the returned.

A phone call goes out across Arcadia. Bring your returned to the school gym to be processed. Alarm bells start ringing in Agent Bellamy’s head and Jacob, Rachel and most returned go to the gym.

Jacob goes to the gym with his parents but Agent Bellamy manages to stop them from entering the gym and sends them home. Bellamy goes into the Gym to help a family to get them out but the police are making sure no one gets out. Then Bellamy hits the Fire Alarm leading to everyone running out.



Fred wants to keep them all locked up.



He later goes to talk to them face to face as phone signals in the town have been blocked.  He tells them of the situation and they say Bellamy must take Jacob out of the town, because they are too old to go on the run.

He reluctantly agrees and escapes through the back door as Fred and his troops go through the front entrance to grab Jacob.  They manage to escape  and get out to the border of Arcadia. At the border they stop and see multiple dead bugs in road.

A helicopter then is seen coming towards them, they cuddle together and it concludes with Bellamy’s birthmark revealing his identity. How do they get out of this situation?

Mind Blown! Cliffhanger great but dam got to wait to season 2.

The focus on the small town and how they stayed into the small town but now the growth may take this show in any direction. The bugs dying in the middle of the road brings questions to why are they dying at the border  of Arcadia?

Is Agent Bellamy a Returned? or is he just a son of the returned family with the missing son?

Is the focus going to be on the small town next season? – or is it going to be bigger?


Saving Hope

In this episode of Saving Hope, Alex and Charlie are as distant as ever  but an emotional trauma to Alex leads to the biggest cliffhanger so far in season 2.

At the start of the episode Alex is treating a pregnant 42 year old woman who has twins foetuses but has to go a bowel surgery to get rid of the cancerous tumor.  The OB, a doctor called Jason comes in later to talk to his patient and Maggie clearly has the hots for him.  They all work out the best next step for the surgery to the bowel.

Meanwhile, Luke is on top of a high floor in a building site trying to stop a person from jumping, he manages to – but then it happens, the person slips and brings Luke tumbling with him.  Luke is in a bad way and Joel and Zack go to the building site to treat him.  Luke does not want to tell Alex.

They bring him back to the hospital and treat him as best they can, working on building a new leg (as a pole when through a major leg bone).  Charlie goes to tell Alex but stops when he sees she is in the middle of surgery.


Saving Hope 1

Complications in the Pregnant woman’s surgery means one of the twins will die but the mother and other twin will survive. Alex and Jason (the OB) agree that was the best course of action. Maggie manages to show them a technique to maybe to give the dying twin a chance.  It works.

Luke survives his first surgery with his leg wrapped up and him looking like he will pull through. He and Alex have a heart to heart and the confrontation at the start of the day ( Charlie found Pills of Lukes) comes to ahead.  Then later on, as Pregnant woman’s second procedure to save the baby, Luke codes when Joel looks at the leg. He does not make it.

Alex is an emotional wreck, Charlie tries to help by talking to her with Ghost Luke at the side of him. It fails, Alex rushes off thinking Luke left on bad terms. Then Charlie admits to Alex, he can see Ghosts. With all the drama so far, Alex goes into meltdown and runs away from Charlie.

This second part of this two part story episode arc is next week – To be Continued.


Next Week –

Saving Hope will return with the conclusion to part 2 of Alex finally finding out the truth – partnered by two new shows hitting UK Television next week.

The Originals on SyFy

Starting next week is the second season of the spinoff of the Vampire Diaries – The Originals.  The first season saw Witches, Wolfs, Humans and Vampires all try and take control of the French Quarter of New Orleans and with the dramatic ending to season 1 the new season should hit the ground running hard and fast.


Season 2 – Begins 14th October 10pm – Syfy Channel


Gotham on Five

Enter a show hoping to live up to the expectations of all superhero fans, Gotham. The origin stories to everyone including Batman – with the main focus been on Jim Gordon and his rise to Commissioner.  Season 1 is beginning next week.


Gotham begins – 13th October – 9pm – Channel 5.


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