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This Week

The Originals – S02E01 – A new enemy is hidden in the French Quarter. After several months, Klaus, Elijah and Hayley begin the counter attack with help from their allies.

Gotham – S01E01 – With future Batman’s parents killed – James Gordon gives him a promise to get the bad guy that did it. Did he?

Saving Hope – S02E11 – Alex has a case linked to her past with a child coming in with a large growth in need of removal. Meanwhile, Charlie makes a decision for his and Alex’s future with Luke’s help.


The Originals

Rebekah recounts the story of season 1 to Klaus and  Hayley hidden away baby, then talks about how they aim to get back New Orleans into their grasp.  Thus it begins – Season 2.

Old building in the a dilapidated part of New Orleans, the Guerras want to put a casino there but Elijah counters and keeps the building up. He notices a moonlight ring on one of the people “verbally” battling him.  Klaus is still angrily painting under orders from Elijah.  Klaus has had enough.

“I need to act – I need to spill blood”

Elijah speaks about the newest member of their family Hayley, she is struggling with the transition into a hybrid still. Klaus knows this but believes Elijah is needed to talk to her.  Hayley is in the woods and finds a charred baby doll and this just reminds her of the baby she can’t see.

Marcel and Camille are in Marcel’s bed having no strings fun. Camille gives Marcel an update into the goings on – since he still cannot enter the French Quarter.  She updates him about Davina and how she is no longer apart of the witches coven. Davina still has Michael in the church attic hidden away with the white oak stake.

Thus the first reveal of the enemy for the season – Family. While the father Michael is still in the attic, the mother has been reborn in the body of a teenage girl. Now though she has one of her fallen sons beside her – Finn in the body of a African-American.



Elijah attacks the Guerras’ home as part of a three pronged attack.

Time for the battles. Midway through the episode, Klaus comes to the realisation that the white oak stake is not with the Guerra Pack. Time to counter attack. Marcel, Elijah and Hayley are all on board.  Each must get as many of the 12 moonlight rings off the Guerra Pack.


Marcel fights wolfs in a raincloud of Wolfsbane.


Elijah hits the Guerra home, Marcel takes out the bodyguards in the old building (At the start of the episode) and Hayley defends her home. One rule made the Guerra “top dog” stay in her home. Vampires cannot enter the home if not invited but Elijah had a trick up his sleeve. He made her home a historical building and open to the public – so open to vampires. He attacks but leaves Francesca to Hayley.



The underlining battle for supremacy – Klaus vs Marcel.


The  final scenes see the end of the Guerra pack as they each die. Klaus talks to Hayley about getting the pack back together for their Queen. Camille decides to end it with Marcel. The witches have the “original” mother as their leader with sub-servant sons “Finn” and “Cole” back.  Thus the fun begins.

“Lets get to work, we got a family reunion to plan”



Setting the stage is Catwoman – or Cat-teenager. A street thief who steals milk from shopping bags and wallets from pedestrians. She is very cat-like with her movements and her mannerisms.  Catwoman as she escapes via fire exit – stops when the Wayne family passes and sees the murders.

Meanwhile, James Gordon has to stop a criminal who manages to get a police-woman’s gun at the police station. Once he stops it as passively as possible – the other policeman and women use excessive violence on the criminal.  The last case of the night, Bullock and Gordon get sent out to the Wayne murder crime scene.



Makes a promise to Bruce to capture the criminal who did it.


At the crime scene, Bruce is sat on the fire escape next to no-one – James seeing this goes to talk to him. He talks him down from his tears and admits to seeing this himself when his own dad died.  A Riddler cameo with him being the CSI on the case.  They know how major the case is and the Major Crimes Unit want it – James and Harvey say no. Harvey Reluctantly.

They talk to every small time crook and get no where.  48 hours in they decide to talk to Fish Mooney. The female boss of Gotham (under Falcone).  Penguin is her lieutenant – who does not like being called Penguin (so Oswald).  Fish knows Harvey and they talk as her troops beat up a thief.  James cant stand it but cannot do anything.

Later on, Mario Pepper is caught with fenced items of the Waynes – they chase him. Mario manages to nearly kill James but Harvey shoots Mario down.  Later on further, Major Crimes get a tip that it is a dodgy capture. They tell James’s girlfriend and she quizzes him.

He later, talks to Major Crimes asks who said – they don’t give up Oswald.  James works it out that it cannot be Mario, quizzes Harvey and he admits that it was a set up. He talks to Fish alone and gets caught.



Enter Falcone – Deal. Kill the Penguin or Die.


Later, both Harvey and James are stung up in a meat factory. They are about to meet their maker when Fish’s boss, Falcone enters. He kills Fish’s troops bar one. Falcone offers James a deal – kill the rat, Oswald and he gets to live.

He fakes it and tells Oswald not to come back to Gotham. Harvey also on Falcone’s take, witnesses and accepts that he has killed Penguin.

Thus it begins, He tells Bruce the truth. He accepts it and he will stay silent until he cleans up the police department.

Saving Hope

Alex is still a wreak after the cliffhanger from last episode, so she decides to bury her in work.  A kid finds her while on her ER Shift. The kid and his father show her the large growth in need of removal.

Later on, Alex wants to remove it but Joel says she needs sign off from the other surgeons. She gets Charlie and the others cave easily with Charlie’s help.  Alex and other 4 surgeons prep and the surgery begins.

Saving Hope 1

Meanwhile, Ghost Luke asks Charlie to help him pass over.  Alex is not letting him go. He talks but the surgery needs him – Alex goes to find him and spots him talking to himself (She cannot see Ghost Luke).  They go back for stage two of the surgery.


After some complications with trying to get rid as much of the growth/tumor off him, it is successful. Alex collapses and Charlie starts to realise – she is not ready for the truth of his condition.

After a heart to heart with Ghost Luke – he decides.

“What would she do if she knew the truth” – “Try to fix me”(- no matter the affect on her.)

He ends it at the end of the episode.


Next Week

Now have 3 shows on the go and all three look to be continued next week.

The Originals – Family Reunion?

Gotham – Balloonman?

Saving Hope – Dana tells the truth.

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