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This Week

Saving Hope – S02E09 – A blackout in the Hospital leads to Alex and Charlie feeling further apart than ever. Charlie is still not fully understanding his path and his future within Hope Zion.

Resurrection – S01E07 – A death and a re-birth of a returned while a lot more start turning up – What about Fred’s wife?



“Schemes of the Devil.”  Rachel is tied up and Gary the kidnapper is wanting to get to Caleb. Caleb is gone, but Rachel is a monster in his eyes still.  Something that is frightening to everyone is the fear of the unknown.

Fred and Bellamy separately search for Rachel. Fred talks some convincing but after seeing Carl come in late sees the signs of that she has been taken.

Bellamy brings along Tom as well. Bellamy and Tom talk to Jacob to try and find Rachel like he found Caleb. He lies, or he refuses. He struggles to do it and is frightened.  Jacob manages to channel Rachel without knowing it. – He then stops the connection.

Both parties find the cabin and then it happens. Gary shoots Rachel. Rachel dies in Tom’s arms.



Gary’s remorse is clear and he immediately regrets the decision.

Jacob escapes the home after been grounded to keep him safe.  He brings food to a returned family. a African American family from around the early 50s.  Jacob’s family takes them in.

Fred decision not to take backup is a massive mistake when he goes back to the police station.  Then the phone calls happen.  The amount of returned multiplies by 100.  Fred thinks Barbara will be returning to him. She does not show.

Rachel’s reappearance at the end of the episode sets the stones for the next episode.  Why has she returned again?

Saving Hope

This weeks episode starts off with Alex dreaming of her and Charlie in a hospital bed.  When Alex turns her back and turns back around Charlie is gone from the dream. Joel is in his place. This shows where Alex’s mind is now. She wakes up from the dream, at the hospital. She sees Charlie and Joel talking and feels confused with her feelings.

The main case of the week focuses on “Riley” a pre-op transgender.  A teenage girl wanting to become a man. Only one procedure to go, getting rid of the uterus.  She is in a great mood – even making jokes.

“No Uterus Jokes. Period”.

Complications later arrive with unpredicted growths found. Surgery delayed, Alex wants to wait but Riley does not.


Saving Hope 1

Charlie meanwhile is helping a 39 year old woman about to turn 40. Janine thinks she is going to die today. Janine came in with a twisted leg, from bouncing on a neighbour’s trampoline.  She wants to leave,  to do a lot of stuff before her death at midnight,  but Charlie tries to help by finding out the issue.

No woman in her family has lived past 39. She does by 1 day, after surviving a extra day and getting the all clear from Charlie. As Charlie leaves, she dies on route out of the hospital – Natural Causes.  On her request, he stays with her until her ghost passes on along with her body.

Joel talks to Sonya and they have a fun episode with them having to cut out a patient from a wall.  Afterwards Sonya breaks up with Joel after seeing his reactions to Alex. She sees Joel looks at her as second fiddle. She does not want to be second fiddle.

Alex meanwhile finds the truth about the growths. Riley as a baby had both sexual genitals, the doctor said to wait but rather than wait the mother made the decision. The growths were from the gender assignment surgery. Riley was upset but moves on from it slowly.  She fully becomes a he and he moves on to university at the end of the episode. His mother is happy for her son.

Alex still confused with her feelings ends the episode at a crossroads, She goes to see her brother’s recovery speech. Joel goes but there is no Charlie. Why? Charlie bounces on a trampoline with his thoughts.


Next Week

The Season Finale of Resurrection. What is the next step for the town – how many returned to come? They can cure Cancer so will they be back forever?

The Mid-Season point of Saving Hope. Alex and Joel are fighting their feelings – will they give in or will Charlie win her back. Charlie is still fighting his ghost side, where will the ghosts take him next.

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