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This Week….

This week’s Saving Hope focused on Alex and Joel on route to a conference and they reconnected. Meanwhile Charlie’s focus on his place in life with a gift when he helps a friend with leg issues.

This week’s Resurrection was about the change of spirit of the town. The Town’s negativity to “the returned” is shown, they don’t know what the returned are so they are scared.  Caleb has disappeared and those thoughts get amplified.


Season 1 Episode 6.

Rachael, Tom and Janine. The love triangle came to the forefront,  Janine confided in Helen. Helen decided to use the information against Tom. Helen poked the bear, she found Tom’s weakness and managed to split to the church. She told Janine and she talked to Rachael, and wanted things her way.

Rachael – “The Snake in the Garden”  (according to Helen)

Janine says Rachael should get a abortion – to Tom. Tom reacts badly to this.

Maggie’s doctor friend comes in to assist with the returned.  The Doctor wants to take Jacob to a facility to test his viability.  Bellamy wants to keep it inside the town but they at the start want to go with the doctor. The idea of Jacob disappearing effects the parents greatly.  The Doctor finds a formula to why they come back (0.38).

The Gun Club – this adds to find the way the community will go. Does Frank need that extra level of protection.



The split of the community is going to be a interesting part of the next steps of the show. The Returned are currently 3 possibly 4, what is going to happen next. A broken community spirit will change how people react further.

With Janine taking Helen’s viewpoint – Tom is backed into a corner now. How is he going to react further. The cliffhanger was a point of note – Rachael captured by the brother of Caleb’s murder victim – thinking Caleb is still there.



Saving Hope

Season 2 Episode 8

Saving Hope 2

The Alex and Joel field trip was meant to be Alex and Charlie but Charlie’s best friend needed help so Joel tagged along instead.  While getting lost off the broken path, Alex and Joel regroup at a gas station. Whilst there it is robbed (badly), the owner is shot in the leg and the owner’s husband is left runover in the robber’s escape.

With all mobiles and other surgery stuff in the car which was nicked the predicament is bad. Alex and Joel manage to scramble together Gas Station items to perform a emergency surgery on the owner, and manage to hold out until the delayed ambulance gets there.  Alex and Joel were thought by the owner to be a couple – they laughed it off.

“How long have you two been married”


Saving Hope 1

They end up nearly together in the same hotel room, and their responses look like they might do.

Whilst the gas station stuff is happening, Charlie ends up being stuck with his friend Thomas Ford. Thomas was a respected journalist, later on we find out had been fired 6 months ago. Thomas comes in with a mangled maggoty leg – as a present to Charlie.

“Open up your present and you will see why?”

Even though other surgeons said to amputate he battled through the maggots, the rotten flesh and the other surgeons and saved the leg.  Midway through the surgery Charlie spoke to ghost friend while his body was on the table. They talk about what Charlie is doing with the power he has to talk to  ghosts – or lack there of.  Charlie at the end  has decisions to make.

Overall, Charlie looks to snap his head out of this confusion and find his place in life. Charlie is forgetting Alex in these ghost events.  With Joel having a connection to Alex, a love square seems to be occuring (without the Charlie and Sonya angle obviously).

The extra bit of the episode with Gavin helping a doctor who struggles with talking to patients was a good touch.




How is Rachael going to get out of the predicament in Resurrection. Will Alex act on the emotions that have reappeared towards Joel in Saving Hope.

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