TV Show Review Combine – Saving Hope and Resurrection


This Week –

Saving Hope saw cracks appear in Charlie’s outer shell, Alex leads the ER Team well and shines in connecting two families together.

Resurrection saw Caleb caught but the money is still to be found and it is up to Elaine to prove her Dad wrong.


Resurrection S01E05


This week’s arc was about Caleb and his full circle journey with his family. He came back and his son could not accept him, he tries to rob the bank using Elaine’s codes – he gets caught. Now he hides the money, risking Jacob, Rachael and his life. He tries to tell Elaine where it is but Agent Bellamy cottons on to it and she gives it to him.

Caleb at the end of the episode gets given the news – she did not want the money. He begins coughing and then as Bellamy’s back was turned he disappears.

Before disappearing – he said more are coming – WHO?

How did he disappear – is it due to his  constant eating and in jail – set meals?

Meanwhile, Rachael is pregnant!!!!!

Rachel, returned along with Jacob and Caleb to the land of the living, is pregnant. When she went under tests for being ill – it was because she was pregnant when she died originally.

Dam… This show is taking some great turns.


Saving Hope – S02 E07

Saving Hope 1

A black-out happens in the area, so Hope Zion with their backup generators has to deal with multiple cases – added on a heatwave means even more patients.  Patients included a crashed driver (who drove in the dark with no lights on), a old “bum” being brought in for heatexaustion by a young man with  a head wound and a drug addict.

Alex led the team through all the cases as they hit the ER. Zack was not supposed to be in but stayed as backup anyway. All the cases came in quick succession and Alex realised quickly –

“Run the Show – don’t be the show”

Alex was helped by her brother who was helping with the ambulances, he has the training to help. Alex argues with him at one point but they settle the argument at the end of the episode. Both realising they were wrong in some way.

Dr Reycraft and Charlie get put in surgery together on the driver case. The case took a turn and Dr Bell had to step in. So Ex – Partners then had to do a surgery together, when Reycraft left as he was not needed.  Freezing a heart to find the problem.  Power Outage across the hospital halfway through – Ghost of patient arrived to talk to Charlie – She recognises her other half was not found in the crash. Charlie had to risk his sanity by talking infront of DR Bell to the ghost.  Her heart began finding its rhythm when she knew her other half was alive.

Maggie and Joel by chance, both brought up the same post op. patient in the lift – Power outage hits the hosipital and the patient dies. It hits Maggie hard while Joel has to move straight back to Chef Mode.  Joel apologies to Maggie for forgetting her dad died.




A good week. Saving Hope saw cracks appearing in perfect characters (in a good way), and Resurrection saw “Returned” Characters new characteristic of disappearing adding a new dynamic to the show.

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