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Earlier Today – The English Civil War returned to London

“Parliamentarian re-enactors are a spectacle in Central London”

Several members of the English Civil War Society marched on Millennium Bridge today. The group transformed themselves into authentic Parliamentarian (“Roundhead”) soldiers to remember the wars of the past.

The Re-enactment celebrates the launch of the new TV series, Weekend Warriors on Yesterday from Wednesday 7th January at 9pm.


It was an early start for a group of several members of the English “Civil War Society (ECWS), who transformed into Parliamentarians, also known as Roundheads to march across Millennium Bridge this morning.”

The programme celebrates the little-known world of the battle re-enactors. The people who are dedicated to portraying the world’s conflicts in the fields and villages around the UK.

The English Civil War Society, are committed to bringing to life the important battles in the conflict between King Charles I of England and his supporters, and their opponents in Parliament and Scotland.

First Episode Highlights

The people on the bridge are the first episode stars on Weekend Warriors, in which they prepare to recreate the bloody Siege of Marlborough. In the battle from November 1642, Sir Neville Poole led the campaign to defend the town and confront 4,000 of the King’s cavalry led by Lord Digby.

Lord Digby was determined to secure this important trading town for Charles I. At the recreation last year there were over 300 soldiers on the battle-field, a dozen cavalry, and some of the world’s biggest firing cannons.

Want to know more – Weekend Warriors E1 – YESTERDAY, Wednesday 7th January, 9pm


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