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So many of us spend hours sat at our computers every day and one of the most important components when using said computer, is the keyboard.  They can be big and bulky, take up a lot of space and leave our work areas looking rather messy.  We came across the Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard and though that we would share our thoughts.

The Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard is sleek and stylish with its unmistakable Swedish design.  It is compact, taking up less space than keyboards that usually come with computers and looks clean and modern.  

Working on both PC and Mac devices, the Penclic K” Mini Keyboard is versatile, it has a USB connection so that charging is an absolute breeze.  However, one of the more important features of this keyboard is the fact that is is just 5mm thick, meaning that it is designed to reduce the stress on your wrists when using it for long periods of time.  In addition to that the keys are design to be quiet and easy to press, so that using it is easier on the fingers also and helps reduce the noise created by typing.  It also features little feet that allow you to adjust the keyboard for a slight tilt.  These ergonomic features mean than this keyboard is suited to people who need to reduce Repetitive Strain Injury symptoms.



What did we think?

We loved the design of the Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard, it looks and feels fantastic.  Our only issue is that if you are someone who types rather fast, the keyboard does not seem to be able to keep up and you end up losing half of the letters that you have typed.  It seems that whilst the keyboard looks good and is designed to take into account the hours spent at a keyboard, the actual process of using it an reduce efficiency, particularly if you are a speedy typer.


To find out more about the Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard or to purchase one, it is available online from Penclic for £54.99.


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