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Veronica’s Snacks launch new cheesy Crunchy Creatures

When is a corn-puff not a corn-puff? When it’s a Dinosaur-shaped, crunchy corn-puff, of course!

Introducing new Crunchy Creatures from Veronica’s Snacks. Baked cheese corn snacks with 40% less fat than regular corn snacks, these deliciously crunchy critters contain 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colours or flavourings and are gluten free – giving everyone permission to munch!

Perfect for a lunchbox or to munch on the go, the new cheesy Crunchy Creatures are a snack for the whole family. A bag full of fun, the 3D dinosaur puffs transport children and adults alike to a prehistoric world where Tyrano – short for Tyrannosaurus, obviously! – is leader of the gang. Whether you are a ‘real kid’ or simply a ‘big kid’ Crunchy Creatures are baked not fried for a lower fat option that doesn’t compromise on the delicious cheesy flavour.

These handy snacks come in two sizes. The lunchbox ready15g packs are available to purchase in a multi-pack, while the 30g packs are ideal for a grown-up snack on the go.

As a mum of three, Veronica Kenneally (AKA The Good Crisp Crusader), founder of Veronica’s Snacks is passionate about providing healthy snacks that kids won’t turn their noses up at. The new Crunchy Creatures join the Veronica’s snacks range, which has just launched in the UK and also includes baked potato and veggie crisps, all of which are lower in fat than regular crisp brands and carry the crossed grain symbol, making them suitable for those avoiding gluten.

You can find new Veronica’s Crunchy Creatures in Tesco stores nationwide for an RRP of £0.89 for a single 30g pack or £1.99 for a multipack of 5x15g packs. The 30g packs can be found as part of the lunchtime meal deal in Tesco.

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