Tyrrells Poshcorn (Popcorn) – Snack Review

We got a chance to try Tyrrells latest snacks – “Poshcorn”.



This product range is from Tyrells Crisps. Usually a crisp they looked to tackle the world of Popcorn. Tyrrells are popcornnoissuers. They use the “finest, gold standard corn, popped into delicious, light and fluffy, butterfly-shaped morsels.”


Sea Salted

Poshcorn - Sea Salted 17g“Simple is Beautiful. Less is more. These are the philosphies that inspired our Sea Salted Poshcorn, with tremedous results.”

Thoughts – It does not over do it with the Salt.  This bag of popcorn tasted like the popcorn at the cinema – but slightly cheaper and more flavourful.


Sweet & Salty

Poshcorn - Sweet and Salty 23g

“A boon for the indecisive, this intoxicating duet of seasonings will instantly banish both your sweet and savoury cravings”

Thoughts – Was not sure on the balance. It was not a favourite of ours but we could see what they were trying to do. Worth the try – might suit your palette more than ours.


Lemon Cupcake

Poshcorn - Lemon Cupcake 22g

“All the zesty magnificence and sumptuous butery-ness of your favourite lemony baked good in popcorn form”

Thoughts – Our standout bag of the bunch we got.  Taste is unusual and different but surprisingly tastes exactly like a lemon cupcake.


Coconut and Caramel

Poshcorn - Caramel and Coconut 22g“A delicate fusion of exotic coconut and a light whisper of caramel, captured in pleasingly airy, fluffy pops.”

Thoughts – Good flavour. We had more awkward feelings before trying this pack but it shocked us how good the combination of flavours worked.



Overall Thoughts –

A good lighter variety of popcorn worth trying for a more healthy movie viewing experience.


4 out of 5


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