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A unique exotic drink made with the dried husk of the coffee cherry is now available via the Union Hand-Roasted Coffee website. Lets see what the fuss is all about….


Cascara has the meaning of “husk” or “peel” in Spanish, so our thoughts go to “leftovers”. However the flavour packs a punch.

Cascara is collected after the coffee beans have been removed for coffee processing.  The outer fruit is dried naturally in the sun before been milled to produce the Cascara husk.

Cascara is then used to make a delicious infusion called Coffee Cherry Tea, bound to intrigue and excite both coffee and tea lovers’ taste buds.

Cascara Pack ShotRS


Lots to think about when tasting it.  It tastes not like tea or like coffee, its weird.  An infusion style tea is a weird one but once you are used to the taste – its good.

Texture to the flavour is deep with a aftertaste that is not that great.  Overall a reasonable pallet cleanser and an interesting variation on traditional tea.

We have not tried the cold brew variation of the tea, but for a hot tea we give it a 3/5.

Cold Brew Variation.

Cold Brew Variation.


For More Info

Grown by Graciano Cruz, a coffee farmer based in Panama who Union sources its Los Lajones coffee from, Cascara can now be purchased via the Union website: RRP £5 for 300g




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