Unique Solution Packs from the South Pacific in time for Christmas


South Pacific Sandalwood Limited presents its marvellous range of sandalwood based products in unique Solution Packs proudly marketed under the brand of The Summit Vanuatu, just in time for the Christmas Season. Each pack has been put together as an end solution to many questions that are asked during this season such as what to give Dad, what health and body products to take away on vacation that can multi-task such that they take up the least room in my suitcase, and indeed – what can I give myself to help me keep my skin alive and alert during the festivities which are likely to be held in cold windy weather or in heated rooms? And what is more, The Summit Vanuatu range of products has been accredited by Janey Lee Grace.

The Summit Vanuatu controls the largest single resource of sandalwood in the South Pacific, and the second largest in the world. Sandalwood in all of its forms – sandalwood oil, sandalwood water and sandalwood powder – is renowned for its skin-saving qualities.   At The Summit essential oils are distilled and mixed with other natural and organically grown ingredients sourced from The Summit plantations or from the other islands of Vanuatu to make creams, balms, soaps, and sandalwood water based health & body products. All products are made at The Essential Oils Distillery on site, by hand, and the production processes are all observable by visitors. The products are based mainly on sandalwood and other healthy tropical nut oils such as pure virgin coconut oil, tamanu and nangai oils. The Summit Vanuatu believes passionately in supporting local entrepreneurs and growers from all islands.

The Summit plantations are located near Port Vila, the capital of the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, formerly the New Hebrides. Vanuatu, comprised of 83 exotic islands, is a member of the British Commonwealth. Port Vila is a small modern city accommodating about 20% of the nation’s 250,000 population. Its population is a cosmopolitan mixture of predominantly Melanesian heritage, with many Polynesians, Europeans, Chinese and Indians mixed harmoniously among them.

These exotic islands produce exotic, pure and natural ingredients for solutions to skin problems caused by the stresses of everyday living. The Summit Vanuatu is now introducing these skin care solutions to the world, solutions that have been in use for hundreds of years in those Melanesian islands.

Summit1The Island Beauty Daily Ritual Pack is for the woman – from the teenager to the mature ladies with all types of skin categories and conditions – who cares for her skin with a twice daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising.


The Island Chief Pack is for the Man in your Life, or the one you would like to be there. One of The Summit aftershaves was awarded the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award 2014 as the top head to toe moisturiser for men. No more primitive skin care for men. Move to pure indulgence with the ultimate secret weapon of Sandalwood, a very chiefly ingredient for everyday improvements in skin’s vitality and hydration.Skin so soft and hydrated will transport the user to a tropical island where there are no harmful chemicals, only pure and natural ingredients mixed with the unpolluted air and never-ending sunshine. Your skin will breathe with pores unclogged, exuding that uplifting vitality you have been searching for.

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Summit6The Moisture Magic Pack would be a lovely present for the young at heart and for the not so young in age, in fact for everybody who demands the magic of moisture for their skin. These products do not contain any harmful chemicals and thus are suitable for all types of skin. Your face and the rest of your body will feel like it is drowning in a sea of moisture, a far cry from that pinched, dry, scaly effect caused by cold wintry winds, hot summery blasts, or airconditioned rooms beating onto it.


The Summit soaps are celebrated for their skin care qualities. Why are these soaps REALLY GREAT Soaps?

  • For those hard-to-choose-a-gift-for people in your life, there are several packs of 3 soaps – the Soap Essentials Pack containing moulded soaps for Him and for Her, the Naked Soaps Collection Pack of hand cut unisex soaps, and the Limited Edition Soap Collectables Packs, one for Him and one for Her.The soaps lather REALLY beautifully in soft or hard water, and
  • Only top quality natural ingredients of pure virgin coconut oil, sandalwood water and pure essential oils are used so the soaps give GREAT organic boosts to your skin’s health and vitality

Is Dad or Mum, or you, a keen gardener? How could they resist the The Summit Vanuatu special Bigfala’s Gardener’s Pack or Mama’s Gardener’s Pack? All those hours in the garden can take their toll on skin. Some foresight and pampering during and afterwards will not go astray. This pack acts like a First Aid kit to support the gardener in us whilst on the job and beyond.

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Customers will appreciate The Summit Vanuatu’s packaging policySummit11

Handmade in Vanuatu from clean, recycled, local materials, their unique and attractive packaging represents their vision for their business and for Vanuatu:

  • Import replacements to provide jobs for locals and to improve the balance of trade;

  • Recycling and minimal packaging to save trees and carbon emissions; and

  • Promotion of locally-owned industries to boost the local economies

A Win-Win where cost savings can be passed onto their customers. Enjoy!

Each Solution Pack comes with a Merry Christmas band on it and will be delivered with products fresh from Vanuatu to you in time to wrap and put under the tree.

All products from The Summit Vanuatu are produced from ingredients that can be grown at The Summit Vanuatu or elsewhere in the 83 islands. Products are hand made and packed with love and care by the local people for your pleasure, and to share their abundance of nature’s goodness with the rest of the world.

And remember – The Summit Vanuatu business motto is “We grow it, We make it, We guarantee it”. If you are not completely satisfied with your products for whatever reason, The Summit Vanuatu will refund your money 100%.

Roy 5Roy 6We Guarantee It

100% Money Back Guarantee

Go to The Summit Vanuatu website at www.thesummitvanuatu.co.uk for more details of their gorgeous and so healthy products and place your orders now.We Grow It We Make It

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