Upcycling a Picture Frame with Annie Sloan.


Upcycling is all the rage right now and harps back to a time when things weren’t as readily available to us as they are now, especially the ‘make do and mend’ mentality from the 1940s.  The whole principle of make do and mend is to reuse items that are no longer viable for their intended purpose, in other ways, to repair broken things or torn clothing, to not waste a single thing.


Annie Sloane Wall Paint

Now upcycling is a different beast, but still holds to the principles of reusing, repairing or just jazzing up something that you already own, instead of throwing it away and purchasing a new one.  Of course that doesn’t make it a cheap endeavour  in every case, but it is better for the environment and allows you to tap into your imagination.

We decided to show you just how you could revamp an old picture frame to get a shabby chic look with a modern vintage twist.  


We decided to use the fabulous Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan’s range, which we fell in love with quite quickly.  The colours are incredible atmospheric and look stunning, whether they are used for our purposes – upcycling – or covering the walls of your home.

Along with the paint range, Annie Sloan has released two new wall brushes to aid you in getting the perfect finish – small (3 x 7 cm) at £14.95 and large (3 x 10 cm) at £16.95.  The mixed bristle brushes, both natural and synthetic, leaves you with a smooth professional looking finish to your project.  This is in no small part because of their ergonomic design and the ability for the bristles to pick up more paint at any given time, increasing the coverage per dip! 


Annie Sloane Wall Paint

The paint is called Chalk Paint, but is suitable for furniture and floors, as well as many types of walls.  I fact the surfaces on which you can use this wonder paint is quite extensive – wood, paint, plastic, stone, tile, brick, concrete and metal.  The paint is so effective that you do not need a primer, nor do you need to remove old paint or wax before applying your chalk paint.

With some truly gorgeous colours in the range, Annie Sloan has created a wonderful selection of paints to help you decorate, upcycle and revamp.  You can pick up a pot of Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint from stockists across the UK and online, from £6.95 for a sample pot.

Annie Sloane has also created a brand new range of wall paints, designed just for walls that will make them look incredible.  

For more information check out www.anniesloan.com 


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