Upgrade your Gaming with SteelSeries – Review of the Nimbus Controller.


When we talk about video games, we have tried out allot more products and get the occasional hardware product to try.  We got a chance to try out the latest Nimbus Controller built for Apple Products. 


About the Nimbus

The Nimbus is a MFi controller built to be played with the Apple Products – iPad, iPhone and Apple TV – even the MAC.

With a similar setup to the console controllers of the PS4 (Specifically the dual joysticks positions), and the controllers of the Xbox (the use of X,Y,B,A on the buttons). It holds inspirations from each of the main brands of console gaming. This helps console gamers decide to go mobile.

SteelSeries NimbusRS

For More Info on the Nimbus – Click Here.


Our Thoughts

Good controller which works well with the iPad during testing. Took it to numerous locations and worked well – Have not needed to charge it for the time I had it – (Has a 40+ Hour Charge – we did about 5-10 hours and counting).

So our testing, we got multiple people to try it with different gaming abilities – from initial guided setup to playing the games,  they enjoyed the simplicity of the game.

We rate this a solid to great – 4/5

4 out of 5


What else does SteelSeries Offer?



The Sentry Eye Tracker

The Sentry Eye Tracker is delving into a area unknown.  Making people more competitive by tracking where their eyes go and teaching them to use their eyes allot better.

Imagine games that train your eyes to work like the average competitive gamer you seen on Twitch or in a eSports Competition.  We all know we need help making our gameplay better. (us especially)



The SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker is now available for £159.99 at http://steelseries.com/sentry.


The Siberia 350 Headphones

The Siberia experience is built upon how the sound gets to your ears. It has improved its immersion with the DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Technology. It offers a new level of virtual sound that highlights specific sound frequencies important to gamers.

Designed to be more confortable and form fitting. It features a redesigned headband which offer a better more even distribution of pressure on the head – no longer would you suffer from the badly built headphones.

With other features, it aims to be the standout headphones for gamers on the market.  The headset even includes an ability to customise the colour in 16.8 million different colour illuminations.

Siberia 350 White - RS

Available in two colour ways, black/orange or white from steelseries.com, the Siberia 350 retails at £99.99. The Siberia 350 is compatible with PC, Mac and PS4.













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