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Not everyone enjoys the sun, in fact many people these days are trying to avoid it more and more.  Of course the problem for some then becomes how to get a tan without subjecting yourself to the harmful rays of the sun and one option would be fake tan, which in turn for many brings up images of streaky orange skinned people who may have overdone it a little.  Well, tanning has come a long way and not only is it easier to get an even, beautifully coloured tan from a bottle, but it is now possible to get a tan tailored to skin type and tone.

Fair Maiden (Urban Tan) UK- High Res Glamour Gloss (Urban Tan) UK- High Res Glamour Grit Salt scrub(Urban Tan) UK- High ResFair Maiden

For those with fair skin, Fair Maiden is the right choice for you.  Providing a colour that enhances skin tone, whilst remaining natural in appearance.  It also contains an ‘instant tan colour guide’ that allows for a visual representation of where the tanning cream has been applied.  Not only will Fair Maiden provide a flawless tan in around six to eight hours, but it will help to condition he skin as it contains Co Enzyme Q10 and Wakame Extract which aids anti-ageing.  It also contains caffeine, which when applied to the skin can help reduce cellulite, as well as tighten and tone the skin.

Dark Diva

If you have a dark skin tone and are looking for a richer, deeper tan, then maybe ark Diva is the shade to pick.  With all of the same benefits and development time as Fair Maiden, Dark Diva is more than just a stunning tan in a tube, it is a beauty product that will help to nourish, condition and improve the skin.

Glamour Gloss

If however achieving  a gradual tan is preferable to an overnight one, Glamour Gloss might be a better choice.  When used daily, this moisturiser with give skin a natural colour over time, building on each application.  This means that it will in fact last up to three times longer!

The benefits to skin are slightly different to the two above here, with a heavier emphasis on moisturisation with Vitamin E, but also has an Anti-Ageing element to it.  Containing proteins and Matrixyl Synthe 6 it combats the signs of ageing.

All three of the tanning products are luxurious, leaving the skin silky soft and beautifully coloured.  They also smell amazing!  Of course it you skin still needs to be cared for and one of the most important processes when applying tanning products is to exfoliate.

Glamour Grit

Urban tan have thought of this too.  Using Glamour Grit right before ‘sunless tanning’ will help prolong a tan and keep skin in better condition.  It is an oil free salt scrub that is enriched with anti-oxidants, Green Tea extract, Vitamin E, with sea kelp and Algae.





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