Vibrapower Cordless Belt


It can be an absolute chore to work out or get exercise in our hectic daily lives, there just aren’t enough hours in the day or energy left after a busy day at work.  Even when you make a plan to do more and better look after yourself, it is harder said than done, sometimes will power alone isn’t enough, it can be nerve wracking going to the gym and very expensive, especially if you have no idea what you are doing! There is answer though, something that will help you to get better muscle tone, improve general fitness and even help you to relax those muscles and you wont have to leave the house to use it, so it is perfect for people with illnesses that prevent them from being able to get out and go to the gym.

Exclusive to Ideal World the Vibrapower Cordless Belt (VCB) is just the piece of equipment that is missing from everyone’s home.  It is a tool that you can use to improve an array of different areas on the body, for example the stomach, legs, buttocks and arms.  As outlined above the Vibrapower Cordless Belt aims to improve general fitness, muscle strength and tone, as well as relaxing muscles.

Although the technology used within the VCB has been around for a while and the benefits of using it are well known the VCB allows you to harness it to target specific areas and be able use it anywhere at anytime due to the fact that it is cordless.  It even comes with a handy bag so you can take it to work with you or when you go away.  


The big questions that you are probably asking are – Does it work?  If so, how does it work?

91909In short, yes it does work.  The VCB uses ‘palpitating movements‘ that in turn help to tone various parts of the body, relax muscles and strengthen them.  There are three programs that come with the belt, manual mode and four time settings (5, 8, 10 and 12 minutes), so whatever you are using the belt for and no matter your condition, you can completely tailor its use to your personal needs.  Of course the people at Ideal World and the makers of the Vibrapower Cordless Belt advise that you start on a lower setting, for a short time and then gradually build a personalised program that suits you.


It doesn’t matter your fitness levels or what your goals are, you should always speak with your Doctor before embarking on a new regime and combine the use of the belt with a healthy diet.  It should also never be used for longer than 12 minutes three times a day.  

We found the VCB fantastic to use and did notice over time that there was a slight improvement to our muscle tone and strength.  It is hilarious when you first pop on the belt, first of all you feel like you just won your first WWE Ladder Match and then the vibration just makes you laugh.  Once you get used to it though, you can go about your business, you don’t need to do anything in particular while using the belt.

The Vibrapower Cordless Belt RRP £39.99 is available exclusively from or the Ideal World Shopping Channel

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