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The world is a busy place and our personal lives are filled with technology and noise to the point now, that many of us suffer with sleep problems.  Our bodies are fine tuned to the environment that surrounds us and in years gone by this was excellent news for us, it meant that as the Sun would rise and fall in the sky, our bodies would act accordingly.  When dawn broke and the Sun slowly rose into the night sky, bringing a new day with it, our bodies would naturally react and wake from slumber gradually along with it.  The same was true of night time, with the gradual fading of the light, our bodies would begin to relax and ready themselves for sleep.

Modern technology, such as TVs, Smartphones, tablets and even electricity, interrupt our internal clocks and therefore disrupt our abilities to wake and slumber gently, naturally.  Lumie is a company that aim to combat this and help people get back into a rhythm with Lumie Bodyclock, their range of wake-up lights. Lumie Bodyclock Iris is their newest in the range.

Bodyclock Iris is a wake-up light that combines the benefits of having a slow sunset and sunrise each day, with the wonders of aromatherapy, giving you the ability to unwind, relax, sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Stage 3How does it work?

As the light fades our bodies with start to increase the production of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep.  With the use of curtains, electricity and technology, we experience this light, less and less.  Bodyclock Iris recreates the sunset, encouraging the production of melatonin and therefore helping you fall to sleep.

The same can be said of a gradual sunrise, in fact waking with the sunlight was and still s some cases, something suggested to patients suffering with depression to try to do.  The reason being that this light re-enforces your sleep/wake cycle and this has been proven to lift the mood, energy levels and even productivity.  

Adding to a routine of waking and sleeping in tune with sunrise and sunset, aromatherapy can be extremely effective.  Many oils have been proved to have beneficial effects on the brain and body.  Bodyclock Iris has two chambers underneath the light casing, one for morning and one for night.  Each of these can be filled with water and an oil of your choice.  For example, Lavender is helpful to those needing a bit of assistance falling asleep, whilst Lemon Oil is a wonderful booster that invigorates and energizes, so is perfect for rising in the morning.  

With six settings for sunrise and sunset, separate aromatherapy chambers, the option of a night light, snooze button, adjustable brightness and a handy remote, using the Lumie Bodyclock Iris is a completely different and personal experience.  It is easy to set up, the handbook explaining concisely how to personalise use of the unit and the remote makes using the Lumie incredibly easy.

We have actually given Lumie’s Bodyclock Iris a go for the last month and have found it fantastically helpful.  The soft lighting that slowly fades into the night has a wonderful effect, preparing you for sleep, almost acting as an indicator to the brain that sleep time is upon you.  It can be completely customised, so if you need longer to fall asleep, the Iris can be adapted to account for this.  

Available from Lumielight therapy experts whose products help people with sleep/wake problems, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and also acne.  for £160.00


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