Wasteland 2 – Director’s Cut


If post apocalyptic RPGs are they type of game you love, then you should definitely check out Wasteland 2.

The Director’s Cut of Wasteland 2 features an all new enhanced and expanded version of the game that is critically acclaimed.  You play the game your way, but remember that every decision you make has consequences.

The Game

Created so that you, the player, will have a unique experience with the game, it is said that no two players will follow the same path.  The immersive story is completely reactive, meaning that all of your actions will hold consequences within your story line.  

You begin by creating your Ranger Squad, from your character, to the other four members of your team, each with their own particular set of skills that will benefit your progress throughout the story.  

Once you are happy with your Rangers you set off on a mission to earn the respect of your mentor, but also solve the mystery laid out before you.  The game can be played using the birds eye view and you take control of your entire squad, but if you prefer to be closer to the action you can easily change your view with a flick of the controller.

This post apocalyptic dystopian world is one fraught with danger and to ensure you survive you will need to make the most of the weaponry that is on offer to you, the skills within your team and most importantly your own ability to think strategically.

There are a wealth of techniques and abilities laid out before you, from lock picking, safe cracking, healing and hacking, to the surprisingly helpful Toaster Repair skill.  Scavenging and exploring are not your only objectives though, you will of course come up against some rather formidable foes.

The combat scenarios are played out in a turned-based manner and will see you battle explosive and deadly opponents such as raiders, mutants, giant insects, robots and much more.  You will need to hone your planning and tactical skills if you want to survive every confrontation.

Game play is around 80 -100 hours, depending on how you play, which as we have said is completely up to you.  The Director’s Cut contains all new updated graphics, voice overs and have thousands more lines of interaction, making this the definitive version of the game.

It has a decidedly Wild West feel to it and the gritty characters will have you attached in no time at all.  If you are a fan of turn-based combat and RPGs, then this is a fantastic game that will have to stuck at your console for weeks.

Available now on Xbox One and PS4

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