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The lovely Jerry Williams is an upcoming songstress, who has been taking the music industry by a retro storm. She has been likened to the great Lily Allen, and she has hit the stage with artists such as The Hoosiers and Maverick Sabre. Hit songwriters have also taken a shine to her, such as Dan Clare (known for work with Sia), and she has a host of tracks penned. Aside from that, her music is awesome. We were lucky enough to bag an interview with her, so read on to see her take on a host of topics…

1) What inspired your single ‘Cold Beer’?

I was in a bar and a random guy put a cold bottle of beer against my skin to get my attention! It made me think that ‘Cold Beer’ would be a cool song title.

2) Who are your dream team of songwriters?

I would love to write with a duo called Slow Club. I absolutely love their lyrics and style of playing. I reckon they’d be so fun to work with as well! Someone like Chris Martin from Coldplay would be amazing and Jamie T as well. I love his songs and stories.

3) What remedies do you recommend for a break up?

I’ve never really had a serious boyfriend so I can’t really say! However, I’ve dated people I’ve really fancied and it hasn’t worked out, but you’ve just got to think you are going to find someone who wants you for you and it will happen! You’ve got to think positive, be happy, be yourself and you will attract someone who sees that.

4) Tell us what your perfect date would entail 

My perfect date would be something fun where you can both have a laugh! Like bowling, crazy golf or a theme park (I love rollercoasters so much). Going for drinks after is always nice, that’s when you can relax and get to know someone. 

Credit: Wilful Publicity

Credit: Wilful Publicity


5) You have such a great style, what are your fashion must-haves?

I love things that are different and quirky! So for me, vintage items are always a must, it mixes so well with high street fashion! I bought a lovely mustard coloured second-hand coat from a charity shop for £12 once and I must wear it everyday! A great coat can just finish a look. I wear anything that catches my eye, it doesn’t really matter where it’s from! 

6) What was it like playing on stage for the first time?

My first ever performance was when I was 17 in a pub called ‘The Cellars at Eastney’ in Portsmouth, and I was so nervous! However, as soon as I started singing, I got a really good response from the audience and I just knew this is what I wanted to do. I haven’t stopped since.

7) Is there another instrument you’d like to learn to play?

Drums! I would absolutely love to play the drums. It looks so fun!

8) Do you have any tips for aspiring young artists?

Keep going at it. You’re going to get hard days sometimes but if you love what you do and know what you want to do, just focus and work hard because you will go somewhere. You’ve got to believe in yourself but realise that things aren’t going to happen overnight. Just make sure you enjoy every journey and experience.


Thanks Jerry! You can listen to her track Cold Beer here, the EP of which will be out August the 21st. She’s even playing London’s Barfly the day beforehand, so why not head down there?

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