We Interview Sandi Thom

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers.
I’m Sandi, I sing and write songs!

Most people will probably know you from the incredible ‘I wish I was a Punk Rocker’ that you released nine years ago now.  We can’t talk to you and not ask about the song and what inspired the lyrics.
It was just a song I wrote about the way our lives where changing so rapidly and how I felt so many of us desperately just wanted to harp back to simpler times.

Since your success with ‘I wish I was a Punk Rocker’ what have you been up to?
I’ve made 5 albums – I! Smile..it confuses people, Pink and the Lily, Merchants and Thieves, Flesh and Blood and the covers Collection and I’ve just finished my 6th album Weapons of Past Destruction. i worked with Joe Bonamassa on my 3rd album, Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes and Buffy Sainte Marie on my 4th album, my 5th album was all acoustic covers of Classic Rock songs. I’ve toured constantly all over the world; Australia, NZ, USA, UK Europe and have performed with some amazing artists like Brian May and Alice Cooper. Ive been living in the states for the past 5 years and have only just moved back to the Uk. I got married in September to my husband Matt and I’m 6 months pregnant with my first baby!
Your new single ‘Earthquake’ is due to be released.  Tell us about the song please.
I wanted to write this song to share with different people of all ages, who can relate to how I felt when my relationship ended. It was so unexpected, so unpredictable and such a shock to the system, it was as if someone had just dropped a bombshell on me. My whole world as I knew it came crashing down. Then there was the aftermath of rebuilding my life, my home and myself, finding pictures in the rubble of what once was and remembering the life I had, it was like being in an earthquake.
What was the last book your read?
The Art of Racing in the Rain.
Do you have any tattoos?  Please tell us about them.
I do! I have an angel on my back and a cat on my ankle, both of those logos appear on my cds if you look hard enough! 
Do you have any hobbies?
Sure, I love Running, long walks in the country with my dog Laddie, I love to ride horses, movies particularly sci-fi, I love working with animals in any capacity and I love my wine! 
Describe yourself in three words.
Celtic, Kind and a rebel at heart. 
What is on your Bucket List?
Albert hall with an orchestra, sky diving, opening an animal rescue center and ending all animal cruelty in the world.
What do you sing in the shower?
Usually I sing “His eye is on the sparrow” it warms up my voice. 



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