Wear am I?


The lost style years

Style, what me? I don’t have time for style.

Ok. Enough. Stop right there. It is a sad fact that many women lose a bit of their sense of identity (and sometimes a bit of their waistline) after the ravages of childbirth, the baked-bean years and balancing school runs with careers. But I’m here to help you discover that it doesn’t always have to be this way. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to bring back the stylish girl you knew in your twenties, to make you fabulous right now. All you need is a little sparkle and some insight into the you that somehow went missing amongst the Sudocream and Calpol.

The personality is all yours

There are a few key things that can help with understanding your own style and taking the steps on the road to fabulous and feeling totally and utterly at ease in your clothes and make-up. First, is your style personality (we all have one, I promise). If you have a wardrobe bursting at the seams, but when you have a night out you are running around shouting “argh – but I’ve nothing to wear” finding out more about your style personality will help you discover the gems that are lurking in your closet. Seen something in a magazine or on a friend that you just LOVED – but after getting it home, ripping the tags off, once on it just doesn’t feel quite right? The outfit might be fab, but just not fab for you – and the secret to finding the perfect outfit, is finding the one that is perfect for YOU and your personality, not a faceless mannequin.


Are you a romantic girl at heart – all lace and flowers, ribbons and bows. You are never going to feel right in dress-down jeans and sweatshirt – there’s just not enough to it. But if jeans and jumpers are your daily staples, as long as it fits, is clean and warm then that’s just dandy – then you have a very natural side to your style personality. Spending hours on hair and make-up just isn’t you – and well, if your new top is itchy, it is never, ever going to make it out of the wardrobe. But how about adding something comfy yet stylish to your wardrobe – smarter cardi’s and casual jackets are a great alternative to the ubiquitous fleece and will certainly give you a shade of chic that will bring a breath of your stylish years back. Maybe you are a bit more dramatic or creative – more print than plain. With classic or chic in your personality, you will certainly know how to put a look together – but might need a bit of a push to keep it up-to-date.

Get colour-creative

Ever had someone say “You ok – you look a bit rough?” even when you are actually feeling top of the world (not for long after a comment like that perhaps). Then, when you put on a top that you thought was a bit old, or bought in a rush you instead hear “wow, you look great”. The mystery is in the colour. It is fact that some colours in clothes and cosmetics can make you look amazing whilst others are really draining and add years on. Try it for yourself with a few things from your own wardrobe. Which colours show the sparkle in your eyes and which make them look sunken with dark circles even darker. See – told you it makes a difference! Colour is a great way to add a bit of style to your wardrobe without the worry of feeling you are dressing too young for your older-but-wiser self. Choose teal, pink or emerald green as accent colours to really lift the essentials of denim, suits and black trousers.

It’s all about you

The good news is, you don’t need long to add a few special somethings to your wardrobe to get the style back where it belongs.

Don’t wait a second longer. Get up, accessorise, feel fabulous and make the very most of you. You never know who you might bump into.

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