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As a bride to be, one of the main things you’ll be thinking about now is probably how you want to look on your big day. From choosing the dream dress, perfecting the hair style, finding the right shoes (comfortable but glam), and also thinking about how you want your make-up.

You don’t want to be looking back on photos and being unhappy with how your make-up has lasted. There are so many other things to think about already, so you want to take that element of stress away so you can relax and enjoy the day.

One of the last things you want to be worrying about is how your make up is looking in the day, and if it’s lasting all the way through to the night. Then there’s the inevitable teary eyes, and the stress likely making you sweat a bit more thrown into the mix, so it’s important to try and combat these as much as possible.
So, with this in mind, one of the key staples of your wedding make-up look should be a good primer.

What Is A Primer?

The idea behind is a primer is that they should create a barrier between your foundation and your skin, and ideally make your foundation last longer. They are a must have for your wedding make-up because they will ensure that your perfect make-up stays in place all day. Depending on the primer that you choose, it may also smooth out fine lines and imperfections. They can also give you a beautiful glow which is perfect for your big day. You won’t want to be touching up your make-up if you can help it, because you will be too busy enjoying yourself, so this is where a primer is essential.
On my wedding day, I chose to do my own make-up, as I felt that I would be able to get it to look exactly how I wanted. However, not everyone wants to do their own make-up, but I would hope that your make-up artist would run through all your options before you choose your final make-up look. If they don’t mention a primer, I’d probably be a bit worried!
After much research, I opted for the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. My wedding was in August, so I knew (well, hoped) the weather would be hot, so I wanted something that would give me the lasting power I wanted. I also liked that this had a pearly tint to it which gives you a lovely glow, and smooths out your skin nicely.

It held quite well, however if I was to have my time again I’d probably actually go for something a bit more mattifying, as it didn’t hold up to the hot weather as much as I’d have liked. (For reference, I have oily/dehydrated skin.) This is definitely not for everyone, as my bridesmaid tried it, but actually preferred my Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer, which is more silicone based (like Benefit’s Professional).
However, it’s your day, and my best advice is to go and try a lot of different products before deciding what you want to have. Maybe get some samples, and do the longevity test with them, and do lots of make-up trials until you’re completely happy. Also take pictures of your make up with and without flash to see how it looks.
Another top tip is to avoid a primer with a high SPF in it. This also applies to your foundation, but if the SPF is high it will have Titanium Dioxide in it which reacts to the flashes in your camera and gives you a washed out complexion. Now that is something you definitely don’t want on your wedding day.
primer2primer2Also, it’s not just about your face you need to think about, don’t forget to prime your eyes too. I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion on my wedding day and loved it. It created a smooth and even base for my eyeshadow. Primers are also a good idea if you plan on using more brightly coloured shadows that could potentially stain. I would also recommend something like a MAC paint pot, as they’re extremely long lasting. You can also get lip primers, which I chose not to use as I’m not a big lipstick wearer, but if you are, then it’s definitely worth looking into.
I would definitely recommend doing some thorough research to get your perfect base for your big day. Everyone has different skin types, so what might work on me won’t work on you. Happy Primer Choosing!

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