Weekend recipe – Bloody Mary sorbtail


We recently went to The Arch hotel in London’s Marble Arch to review their delicious range of sorbtails. Read the review here and then make your own Bloody Mary sorbtail using the recipe below, which The Arch have kindly given to Erisea magazine for us to share with our readers.

Bloody Mary Sorbtail at The Arch London

50g caster sugar, 50ml water, 300ml tomato juice, 25g vodka, juice ½ lemon, ½ tsp celery salt, 1tsp tabasco sauce, 1tsp sorbet stabiliser

Bring the sugar and water to the boil and simmer for 6/7 minutes to form a syrup. Add the stabiliser and allow to cool. Finally add the remaining ingredients and then place in your ice cream maker and churn until frozen.

To serve, line the rim of a martini glass with salt and pepper and garnish with a celery stick, celery leaf and a twist of lemon.

The reason for the stabiliser is to improve the texture and storage of the sorbet and helps maintain its structure at room temp for longer periods.

Find out more by visiting the hotel’s website.

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