Weekend recipe – Brazilian Brigadeiro and Caipirinha


As we come to the end of this week’s focus on Brazil, our recipes for this weekend maintain a Latin flavour.

You may remember from our Eating your way around Brazil article earlier in the week, Brigadeiro are a typican Brazilian sweet which are incredibly simple to make, and of course are deliciously moreish.

We couldn’t finish our focus on Brazil without giving you a recipe for the cocktail of Brazil – the Caipirinha. You can drink one and pretend you are on holiday, instead of edging closer to winter in the UK.

BrigadeiroBrigadeiro – makes 18

3tbsp butter, 1 400ml tin of sweetened condensed milk, 4tbsp cocoa powder, 1tsp vanilla extract, pinch salt

Put the butter, condensed milk, cocoa powder and salt in a pan. Heat until the mixture boils, stirring to ensure all the ingredients are well combined. Turn the heat down and stir continuously with a wooden spoon whilst the mixture gently simmers. After 10-15 minutes the mixture will be thick and shiny and it should start to come away from the bottom of the pan. Stir in the vanilla and remove from the heat. Pour the mixture into a buttered dish and allow to cool.

Once cool, take walnut sized quantities of the mixture and shape them into balls (it’s easiest to do this if you have lightly oiled your hands). You can decorate each ball with cocoa powder, chopped nuts or chocolate vermicelli strings by rolling the mixture into your chosen decoration. Place each ball into a little paper case and serve as a lovely after dinner treat with coffee.

caipirinhaCaipirinha cocktails – serves 8

5 limes, 12tbsp golden caster sugar, 1kg crushed ice cubes, 700ml cahaca

Cut the limes into wedges and squeeze their juice into a large jug. Put the wedges into the jug as well and add the sugar. Crush both together with the end of a rolling pin, or a muddler if you have one. The idea is to release more juice from the limes and allow the sugar to dissolve.

Half fill the jug with your crushed ice and give it all another bash about before adding the cahaca and mixing well. Now’s the time to taste your concoction to see if you need more lime or sugar – this really is according to taste so do what you prefer.

Finally add the rest of the crushed ice to the jug, stir again and serve.

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