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cakesEarlier in the week we wrote about the fabulous gluten free afternoon tea which has just launched at the Bohemia hotel in Jersey. For those of us not lucky enough to be travelling to Jersey to experience it ourselves, Ellen de Jager, Head Pastry Chef at the Bohemia, has kindly shared her gluten free vanilla sponge recipe with us.

You can find out the recipe for the flour blend from our earlier article.

Gluten free Vanilla Sponge

200g soft butter, 200g brown sugar, 5g vanilla essence, 3 eggs (room temperature), 5g bicarbonate of soda, 5g gluten free baking powder, 200g Bohemia’s Flour Blend, 50g evaporated milk, 150g vanilla yoghurt

Cream the butter, brown sugar and vanilla essence for 5min until fluffy. Slowly add the eggs one by one. Sift Bohemia’s gluten free flour mix, bicarbonate of soda and gluten free baking powder together. Add to egg mixture and fold in the evaporated milk and vanilla yoghurt. Pour into two lined baking tins and cook on 180oC for 30-45min.

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