Welcome to 2017 – A Re-Introduction to Erisea


Hi Guys and Gals.  We are looking at this year to be a big year for Erisea, new commitments to better content and some brand new content.


Erisea’s aim is to bring positivity into the world of the internet. We grew to be a good size for our non-profit nature and continued to build good relationships with both of readers and our viewers.

Competitions plentiful and tried out different content and sometimes fell flat on our face. But as we all get told – “if we fall, we get back up stronger.”

Behind the scenes, we encountered some growing pains but we adjusted and rose above those challenges.  We then ended the year, with a traditional slowdown of content with us focused on ourselves and personal lives. 

On a personal note, me personally broke my phone, laptop screen and car wing mirror, all good fun.  Started going to the gym 5 times a week in November – and yes I am still going. #struggle.


Now we are back after an extended break.  I have written up some music reviews, TV Pilot Reviews from some intriguing shows and have some movie content in the pipeline too. 

So here is to a successful 2017.  We always aim to bring something new and interesting into the world. 

To all readers new and returning – Here is to a great 2017, no matter what challenges arise.


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Assistant Editor for Erisea. Lover of all things Geeky and otherwise. Feel free to say hello - @Dresdenfalls

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