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A white man role has gone to a woman. Dam you say!! Its all about age we live in and how the world is constantly changing.  It’s time to change up roles to suit the changing times.


From the first to the last we saw the white guy version of idealistic modern science fiction/fantasy with Doctor Who.  Guy gets girl occasionally, always some romantic chemistry in the Tardis in some shape or form (or a father figure to a young companion). That was the times at the start of it – stories revolved mainly around a male protagonist and a male antagonist. 

The same can be said for other TV shows or Films at the time.  Think of one of the longest running film franchises James Bond – has the main hero been a man? YEP. Has the evil boss been a man? YES. Henchwomen have happened but it tended to be two blokes in the main two roles.


Changing times in Who

In the modern version since it restarted with Christopher Eccleston you can say the same. The guy gets a female companion who sometimes falls in love with him (mainly in the case of David Tennant) or develops a friends/father figure role (Peter Capaldi).

However the Doctor has been a white bloke for the past 12 main versions of the Doctor.  So it is time to change to something else to bring something else into the story line.  You have seen that they have tested the boundaries with Captain Jack and it brought the series a new direction in its love interests.  Jack Harkness was a great hit to even get his own spin off.

More things happened but a big thing to happen for me was Missy. Missy, for me was a trial to see if a gender swap like that could work – and it DID. Missy was written well in my opinion and played off the original character’s mantra of the Master and twisted it in such a way  – it became more interesting.


Changing Society

In western society, life has changed from when the Doctor was first created to now and the Doctor needs to adapt to life itself.

Women have slowly worked themselves out of the old fashioned stereotype of the housewife to a working person alongside the man. Men and Women now are slowly working towards an even footing in the workplace, and the TV shows and movies you see are working that way.

And that’s without taking into account the LGBT movement. LGBT movement has got bigger in voice and had more in terms of choice in western culture.


Overall Feelings

It is going to be about the character and how it is written. I would like to see that traditional character of the Doctor but twisted into a similar nature as Missy/Master was.  This is now doubt going to be a tough challenge for Jodie Whitaker, but I hope it works very much. It will now doubt bring freshness to the franchise.  For those pessimists remember  if it does fail – the regenerations are still there to go back to it.


I want shows to take risks and change from the norm at times but not lose its heart and soul.

Good Luck Jodie!!!


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