What Your Hand-Bag Says About You


Are you a free spirited person with a passion for travel, a stylish and sleek business woman rocking the smart, professional and designer look, or a resourceful artist that thrives on originality and creativity? Without even realising it, the bags we choose reflect our personalities and are one of the staple accessories in our wardrobe that represent you as an individual.

So whatever category you fit into, below I have listed suggestions on what bags work well with that particular style you represent. Allowing your hand bag to say exactly what it’s meant to say, about you!

Beautiful happy woman holding a bagThe Business Woman: Calling all the confident, authoritative, simply stylish, and elegant.

When you’re a business woman working either for a leading firm or any small office environment, the universal basic rule is to look smart and professional. When it comes to adding in a splash of your own style, the neutral shades of your suit and shirt provides you with a blank canvas to accessorise with a smart yet stunning handbag.

These tote bags are an example of how you can maintain the smart, proficient look, whilst letting the bag say something special about you, so you stand out from the office crowd!

Waist-up portrait of pretty female traveler on the street holdinThe Free Spirited Traveller:

The traveller, whether they’re on a 3 month back pack around Europe, or going on a weekend away to explore the south of France, chooses practicality over a fashion statement. Yet this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t choose a bag that is personable and unique. Travelling is very much a personal and independent adventure, where you go, what you do, who you meet and your timetable are all your own decisions, and your bag represents this uniqueness.

This plain brown leather back pack is ideal for the traveller; the leather will shows signs of age alongside you as you grow on your travels. If that’s not enough character, it is a blank canvas for you to decorate accordingly with bits and pieces you collect on your way. A perfect showcase!

Beautiful young woman painter with brushes, on color backgroundThe Creative Expressionist:

The creative expressionist goes hand in hand with the free spirited traveller. Both personalities are bold, unique, independent, passionate and artistic. Instead of having a bag designed by another, designing your own bag is more up your street. Whether it’s purely the accessories you attach, painting your own design on your bag, or creating the structure or fabric.

Take a look at Sakroots.com, there you can choose your own fabric for you bag, it’s very artistic and different. If you prefer leather and you’d like to design the structure to your handbag, here at Twanky Bags we offer just that! Colour, size and design are all at your creative finger tips!

*Cool Alert* If you’re passionate about reading, why not invest in a book bag!

Beautiful young woman with a black clutch in hand.The Glitzy Glam Girl: Calling all the Glamorous, chic, confident, feminine, sociable ladies.

Whether you’re a party animal socialite or an occasional suave dinner party attendee, the occasion will more often than not require your clutch bag to be a showcase of glamour and sparkle; in order to coincide with your fancy attire.

This beautiful clutch represents femininity and glamour, conveying a sexy confidence, perfect for a sociable party or event. Also, if you’re a creative mind, visit Fashion Carousal to try and make your own clutch!

contents of womans hand bagThe Hand-Bag Hoarder: Calling all planners, obsessives, worriers and organised.

Whether you’re popping down the shop or going to for a Sunday stroll, the bag hoarder can feel the need to carry all her weird and whacky possessions, at all times. Such as a nail file just in case a nail breaks, lipstick in case you see someone you know and you want to look your best, or you phone charger in case you’re out longer than expected. You’ll think of every possible scenario and ensure you are prepared for it. Yes this can become obsessive, but it also shows that you are organised and plan way ahead, which are valuable traits to have!

This large tote bag is perfect to home all your obscure, and not always essential, belongings!

beautiful young woman with her handbag  posingThe Minimalist: Calling all the understated and uncluttered.

It goes without saying that the minimalist is the polar opposite to the hoarder! Whether practicality and subtlety overrides the flamboyant fashion statement or the thought of carrying half of your possessions around with you on a daily basis seems totally unnecessary. A small minimal bag can represent someone who is easy going, easily pleased and only needs the bare necessities to get her through the day.

This lovely cross the body handbag is tiny yet a handy and stylishly simple handbag to equip your few valuable possessions.

by Debbie Sakal


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Debbie is an experienced businesswoman, marketer and business & marketing coach and the owner and creator of Twanky Bags. Twanky Bags is the realisation of a dream to produce her own bespoke range of handmade bags by taking an everyday necessity and bringing it to life, making it special, fun and customised just for you.

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