What’s it Like in Space? by Ariel Waldman


The wonder of space is something that intrigues us all, maybe because we can see the edge of our solar system in the night sky and are just fascinated with what lays beyond the naked eye. Of course through the years people have studied the universe and even traveled through the dark expanse of space.

What is it really like though?

It is easy enough for those who study the universe through telescopes and images, robotic missions to far flung corners and the data that is transmitted back to Earth. To truly understand the solar system and beyond, there can only be one sure fire way to find out – from those who have traveled to and lived in space. Astronauts.  Ariel Waldman has complied a fascinating collection of stories from the men and women who have braved the final frontier and ventured into space.

Have you ever wondered how flying insects would cope with space flight?  Would they adapt and glide from place to place, would they adopt walking instead of using their wings, or would they just me completely lost?  Ariel Waldman answers this question and others, such as can you burp in space? What is it like eating in space?  Will a fart propel you across the room like a human powered jet pack? How does the human body react to zero gravity? As well as a whole host of other questions that people have posed to astronauts over the years.

What’s it Like in Space? is a spectacular book full of interesting tidbits and it is brilliantly illustrated by Brian Standeford, reading it will give you a real sense of space travel and just what amused the astronauts the most during their time orbiting the Earth.

Available from Abrams & Chronicle for £9.99

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