When it comes to Birthday wishes social media doesn’t hit the spot 


SmartSenda LUXURY SPARKLE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY84% of people admit to forgetting to send a card to a relative or friend for an important occasion such as a birthday. 68% of these respondents said they feel exceptionally guilty and embarrassed by their faux pas.

Despite the rise in internet usage on tablet, mobile and PC – real greetings cards still hit the spot and according to the Greetings Card Association each person will send on average 31 cards per year.   Furthermore, 75% of people do not value a ‘Happy Birthday’ post on social media sites as much as receiving a physical greeting card.

SmartSenda.com has launched to tackle this problem head on.   This new online service works to ensure people never forget to send a greetings card again.

The site has an integrated calendar and address book, with reminder alerts – meaning key dates, names, addresses and occasions can be stored securely. SmartSenda has a vast library of unique greetings cards from many new designers, offering a wide selection of styles and price points to the user.   The site will either send cards directly to the recipient or to the sender, taking care of addressing the SmartSenda Older Better Bananaenvelope and the postage as well.   There are various options for delivery from next day express (helpful if time is tight) through to standard Royal Mail delivery.

Emma Clark, Managing Director and owner of SmartSenda.com, said: “We are offering a digital solution to a paper problem.   Forgetting a loved one’s special occasion is frustrating and embarrassing in equal measure.   Missing a birthday can cause immense pressure on families and in today’s always on, ever-connected world this is increasingly happening.   SmartSenda is an easy-to-use, secure and intuitive online card shop for real cards, supported with a range of helpful tools.   No longer will people risk missing a card.   Our users can safely avoid the taste of humble pie!”

SmartSenda’s hassle free card sending tool is ideal for those who want to retain the joy of sending physical greetings cards. It is perfect for people who might be busy, forgetful or indeed unable to get to the shops.  No longer the need for people, to miss an occasion, for whatever reason.

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