When you hit that moment when mainstream radio is not for you…


When I was thinking about music and what can be defined as a old school versus new school environment, that moment when you cannot listen to mainstream radio stations hits the mark.  The event of age and technology combined for me moving on to better pastures of radio. 

My Situation

For me, I had a car with no aerial so could only receive BBC Radio 1, so for the majority of the 00’s that was what i listened too. Listening to the mainstream charts on repeat with songs I usually liked and a good disc jockey in between the songs. Enjoying the morning banter and the ride home tunes.

Time Went By

Then time went by, the disc jockeys I was used to started leaving and the new breed came through. My enthusiasm for the new breed was lower so my interest was lower. Songs in the pop charts started not being for me and basically I got older.  

Then technology and the car I had improved – more choice. I could actually change the radio station. I trickled through the stations, not liking some stations but liking others. Not liking that song – time to turn it over. 

So I Move On – Choices Choices

I prefer the world of rock and roll, indie and the occasional metal song so I joined the world of Radio X. All songs I like and the disc jockeys have good banter. Perfect for me to wake up to and drive to. 



Its the joys of growing up, you like what you like and once your era of mainstream ends – you tend to get pushed to the radio station that plays your tunes. I review a hell of a lot of music when I can – very eclectic ear.  Radio 1 tends to play the charts and when you only like 5/10 songs out of the 40 in the charts – you tend to turn over. 

Is your mainstream era of radio over yet?

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