While We’re Young – Film Preview


The latest film to hit the cinemas this week is “While We’re Young”, starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts in the main roles.

The film is about a middle-age couple’s journey into the new. A young couple enter their lives and their careers and marriage are affected in a great way.


 Story Preview


The story of a middle age couple stumbling through life.  They meet a young couple and reconnect with their youth again. 

The double pairings work well, with them finding a connection and re-energising themselves again.  The older couple’s other friends think they are crazy – Going out with kids.

It is a comedy, so expect random moments of the age gap between the couples been emphasized.  Varying from a Hip Hop Class to a “vomiting your demons” ceremony.



Overall Thoughts

The film aims to shine in every possible aspect. Baumbach, the director brings together a piece that is equally witty and charming. It brings forward brilliant chemistry between the pairs. Stiller and Watts shine as the older couple and bounce off each other with ease.

The young couple Driver and Seyfried, act as the reminders of their youth.

The film shows off the crises of middle-aged life looking at the past. A hilarious adventure about the age gap and how growing up doesn’t necessarily mean growing up.




Director: Noah Baumbach

Writer: Noah Baumbach

Stars: Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Driver

Official Site: http://while-were-young.com/

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