Do We Know Who Killed Lucy Beale?!


Eastenders. A firm favourite and classicly fantastic about dragging out the “who done it?” storylines, of which, the latest has been much the same. Lots of different suspects, many turns in the storyline and the odd tale or two thrown in for good measure.

it only takes a quick Google search to find stories aplenty about how Eastenders are filming multiple different endings so not even the cast members know. This was a tactic used on their live show I seem to remember.

But have Eastenders made a whoopsy or even a placed purpose built doppelganger on this occasion? 

If you have already seen Eastenders from the 17th of July, then you will know the ending brought about a certain scene. It saw the possible perpetrator digging a hole, a very shallow one at that, to bury those highly searched for purse and mobile phone.

So this scene saw a certain cast member digging the hole, then dropping in the exclusive items.

It also showed a very brief reflection of the shallow grave digger.

Something I am sure many of us have paused, rewound and scrutinised with all we have.

But could we possibly see who is staring back in that reflection?…

peter 3

Is it the killer?

Maybe just a cast member who was available at the time for the scene?

But if that’s so why not use an extra or random camera man.

Why not even miss out the reflection in the editing all together?!

Well, over the coming days we will be revealing who we think killed Lucy Beale.

Who we think that reflection belongs to?

So, what are your predictions for the murder of much loved Lucy?


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