Why Games like “The Culling” can thrive in the market.. (A Quick look at The Culling)


Games where the player enters a “Hunger Games” style event and fights to be the one or one team remaining, have been made allot recently.  With Games like H1Z1 (now two separate games), Rust and Ark Survival each taking a look at that style of survival – Is there still space to play with the genre?


About – The Culling

Culling is set on a remote island paradise where 16 contestants get 20 minutes to explore the island and to kill each other.  Echoing back to films like “Battle Royale” and “The Hunger Games” to name a few, the game sets itself apart and plays up the fun.

The game is time limited with a poison gas cloud making sure to keep the players constantly on their toes as they seek to get the edge over other players. Exploring the island and finding the hidden and some of the more valuable items is key to success.

Only one will be crowned the winner, do you have the guts to survive?”




When you talk Hunger Games and Battle Royale movies – the weapons are key to the fun.  Having supply drops echoing back to Hunger Games and having a variety of randomness to the weapons – echoes back to the kids of Battle Royale getting random weapons at the start. (If you have not watched it – imagine going into a battle with a sword versus someone with a tire iron). 

The creativity of the builds of your character depends on what is found on the island and in your supply drops. 

Seeing other games focus on the guns – it is nice to see the melee weapons get more of a look at.


non-bloody Culling



Everyone takes on the game differently – learning what works for you is key to success.   Do you build a stamina draining melee setup or do you work on traps? 

Having tried many builds and seen lots of builds – It’s not always the same method that works – variations are key.



Overall Thoughts

Having tried out a few of the games and seen lots of action on Twitch and YouTube, having fun in the game is key. Rather than focusing on Guns and ammo like H1Z1 feels like at times, The Culling has that variation that peaks our interest in a different way.

It is still in Early Access but its current mode is very playable.  Expect changes and developments – we love to see where it manages to go. 

No Score – due to it been in Early Access.




What has been your  best build in The Culling? 


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