Why Gaming’s Past was not half bad? – A look at the Atari Vault….


We got a chance to play through our gaming past with the latest PC Collection to hit Steam – Atari Vault. Here is our thoughts about it.



Atari have bundled together a range of their most iconic games and released them update for today’s gamer. How about playing Missile Command and beating everyone else in the world  (rather than just at your local arcade).

With a gallery of games from the arcades of the past and the home consoles of the past.  Do you remember the past hits?


Atari game controls are quite easy to work out for the most part. We played about 50 of the 100 games and found for the most part very easy to pick up.


A game we played before, Tempest was a favourite before.

A game we played before, Tempest was a favourite before.


Fun factor, we loved playing score challenges against everyone on the leaderboards and kept playing a few of the games for more minutes than expected.  I

Overall Thoughts

We have played a few of these before and a collection of these games is worth grabbing.  Most of the games play as you expect with a few playing dreadfully wrong. However, like games today – not every game will control in a way you expect.  

If you expecting a graphically good game – this is not for you. If you are looking for a “classic” gaming challenge – this will hit the right marks depending on the games you pick. 

Solid game collection, good nostalgic value and worth the buy – 4/5

4 out of 5


For More Info

3 Videos will be released on our YouTube @EriseaMag.  We focus on some of the Arcade games and some of the Home console variety.

Part 1 – Liberator and Red Baron – 930pm GMT  – Monday 11th April.

Part 2 – Tempest and Basketball – 930pm GMT – Wednesday 13th April

Part 3 – Championship Soccer and Night Driver – 930pm GMT – Friday 15th April

For More info on the Vault – http://atarivault.com/

Steam Page – http://store.steampowered.com/app/400020/


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