Why I escape into TV Shows? – A Opinion on escaping into TV Shows.


Well, well, well – what show you been watching to escape the daily chore of life?  Here are a few of my shows I watch to escape reality and the reasons for each.  No major spoilers but hints as to why I like it – and you should try it out.


Sometimes life gets you down

One thing that always helps is to get rid of a bad day feeling.  Seeing your favourite character go through a good patch and finally connect with their love interest always helps. 

Emma and Hook’s rocky ride on Once Upon A Time, especially caught my attention.  That show has ebbed and flowed and I only last year joined the fray. I was looking for something to watch on UK Netflix and 5 seasons of that show meant – DAM.  Something to lose myself into.   I certainly did lose myself and watch 5 seasons of it in about 3 weeks.

It took a few episodes to get into but I have loved it ever since.  Good storyline that changes per season with it introducing new “fairytales” or stories per season.  We have had everything from Pinocchio to Captain Hook, but what is the most interesting is the way it flips what you think on its head.   Major good characters in the books and films are evil and vice versa.


Escaping Reality with Interesting Stories

Alibi’s recent series Quantico got me going through its great idea of a premise.  Similar to Lost and Flashforward in a way, with its present day storyline connected to “when it all began” storyline.  Its ties it altogether nicely with a bomb in the present to the reasons of the flashbacks.  The flashbacks are in chronological order for the most part and its allot easier to follow than Lost (but that’s not saying much).

UKTV Press Pic

UKTV Press Pic

So, a class at Quantico to get into the FBI.  All the candidates will not make it to the conclusion and it had surprises all along the way.  It makes you think, and that’s what I love about television.


That Comedic Effect

Dave’s recent series of Taskmaster had me in stitches.  The Taskmaster sets 5 contestants a set of tasks, the winner is decided per episode by the “Taskmaster” himself – Greg Davies.

A highlight from season one was comedians/contestants trying to empty a bath that was situated outside – with the two rules, you cannot tip it over or pull the plug.

Taskmaster - Series 1 - Picture Shows: Frank Skinner

Taskmaster – Series 1 – Picture Shows: Frank Skinner   (UKTV Press Pic)


Season 2 is already done and is due to come out in the coming months. Greg Davies and Alex Horne return with a fresh batch of victims  contestants.


Contestants – Doc Brown, Richard Osman, Jon Richardson, Katherine Ryan and Joe Wilkinson  (UKTV Press Pic)



What Show is my go to at the moment?

“iZombie” had appeared on UK Netflix about 3 weeks ago, I am not a Zombie fan but I always love to try new things.  Dam, I got hooked.  Love how it twisted the genre on its head. 


What show has your attention at the moment?  Always love a hidden gem of a show.


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