Why Like Baseball?


While working late or getting late, we watched some late night Baseball and enjoyed the strategies and the weird statistics and facts hidden in the game. It felt more an artform than a sport – in a weird way.

Strategy Based

It’s a battle of pitcher versus Batter.  Hitting the invisible cuboid strike zone is part of the game. Weird – Yes but the strategy to defend or attack the zone is key to victory.

image courtesy of Wikimedia

        image courtesy of Wikimedia


Pitchers have to throw three strikes but the variety of throwing that strike it stupidly large. 

Batters have to strike the ball and get to at least the first base to do their job.


Hitting the ball

Can you hit the ball long distances – say while someone throws it at you with a curve. Well seeing people hit a 80 mph fastball – it looks weird. Seeing people judge at that speed.

The best players can hit it out of the baseball field on regular occasions and it is astonishing.

“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.” – Hank Aaron



Have to admit not been to a actual game but it looks good to watch. Spend a whole afternoon at the ballpark and sitting with your friends/fellow fans looks great.  The amount of food vendors and drink vendors shows you that at a baseball game – be prepared to get fed.




Baseball is a weird old game that satisfied the strategic mind in my head. We can sit and listen to music while watching our favourite team doing well or struggling with ease. Its a game that’s easy to understand the basics but its hella hard to master.





Photo by Andrei!

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