Why Like Ice Hockey?


With this piece, we want to tell you our reader – Why we like Ice Hockey. So if you like to find out the basics of Ice Hockey, read on….

It’s Different


We mean different by what is shown on British TV. We tend to get football as the main sport and get the occasional Rugby game. So seeing something on Ice and on a smaller playing field, its more impactful and can be end to end.

With a football game you tend to get 0-0 scorelines at times, Rugby its a high scoring affair. With Ice Hockey, it tends to float in the happy medium of scorelines below 10 points but never 0-0 scorelines.


The Fights and the Battles

With football becoming more and more a “non-contact” sport and players trying to claim fouls by “over-acting”, its nice to once and a while try a different more level game.  There are skillful teams which pass the puck around while there still is teams that look to keep the other team out with physical actions.

Don’t get us wrong, there are fouls still called but its good to see different teams taking different approaches.


World Tournaments where different teams rule

This is a minor plus. Been a big sport in USA and Canada, they tend to battle it out with the cold European countries for the trophies. With most football tournaments, it tends to be Western Europe or South America that wins so its good to see other countries strengths.

UK does have a team but tends not to do that well. Ice Hockey is not established as much as football.  There is a British League for Ice Hockey called the Elite League.

We wish it could get more eyes to it but at least its on a TV Channel.

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